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    Never buy anyone gloves for a present it’s bad luck! If you bought a purse for some one you had to put silver coin in it.
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    Lock keeper’s cottages

    Re the above cottages, Enock Mason, shown in photo below, was the lock keeper on stretch of lock 10 -13, by College Road Bridge. He also worked the pumping station in Deakin Avenue, Witton. The next door neighbour, who also worked for BW, as a builder, was Mr. Mrs Lindop. The right hand side of...
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    Hillstone Infants and Junior School

    Sorry it was Josie who I knew better that lives quite close to me. I think Judy was older.
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    Hillstone Infants and Junior School

    OMG yes, I know all, infact I think Judy, lives not to far from me now. I have spoken to her when I recognised her in a shop, couple of years ago. I lived just the other side of the ‘green’ In Freasley. My mom and Mrs Cross knew one another well. The children were always dressed nicely and...
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    Hillstone Infants and Junior School

    Hi, I was at Hillstone in 1953, what is your grandads name? Did he live close to the school? If no one has a photo, I can take a present one, I don’t live too far away. But it would be after Xmas. Or you could open google maps and take a picture from that. Cheers.
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    Prisoners of War WW2 photos

    My dad was in XXA and stalag 383, I will put the couple of photos I have on here when I sort them out. Thank you for taking the trouble to post these really interesting.
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    WW2 returning prisioners of war.

    Some kind person posted newspaper clips of returning prisioners of WW2. There were many including Stalag 383 and XX1. I lost page and cannot find it anywhere. Looked in history, cannot remember how I got into it.
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    Hillstone Infants and Junior School

    I was also one of the first pupils to Hillstone School in 1953. Prior to this, we first kids in Shard End went by coach to various schools around the area. I was coached to Birches Green School, along with the others in this photo, until Hillstone was built. The photo is the 1953 Coronation...
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    Fisher & Ludlows factory

    My name is Janet Lane. I worked as a receiptionist in Ashold Farm Road, for the above section. I remember all of the people mentioned. I then worked as a Secretary for Ted Solly and Norman Shuck. I worked there between 1968 to 1972 when I left to have my Son. I am still friends and...