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  1. farmerdave

    Rubber Works Aston

    "curing" is another name for cross-linking of polymer chains. Synthetic rubber. for example, could have repeat monomeric units of styrene, butadiene and perhaps methacrylic acid to form long polymeric chains. Cross-linking, or curing, of these single chains enables a strong network of polymers...
  2. farmerdave

    It's Lyn's (Astoness) Birthday

    Hope you have a very happy birthday, Lyn
  3. farmerdave

    Charles Winn (valves) Ltd

    Godfrey Winn was born on 15th October 1906 in Kings Norton and attended King Edward's School. I assume this is the High School and not one of the Grammar Schools.
  4. farmerdave

    Girling Brakes - Tyseley

    Photograph of Girling, Tyseley taken in 1988. Many small buildings in front of Girling, including The Tollman Group (right with blue and white sign). Any information on this company?
  5. farmerdave

    Write it down

    From the Goonshow. "What time is it Eccles"? "Just a minute, I've got it written down on a piece of paper." Brilliant. Can't get YouTube video to load. Sorry
  6. farmerdave

    Write it down

    I did keep a Boots diary from1958 to 1967 and here are three of the earliest entries. I am aged 15 and a bit. Thursday 2nd January 1958: "Went to Lewis's sale. Bought a tub of Gropax seed, giant chabaud carnations mixed. Mom had cold and stayed in bed all day. Bought also 12 plant labels for 4...
  7. farmerdave


    How about visiting Sarehole Mill and looking for sticklebacks along the River Cole. Used to find them in that area in my youth but we are talking over 60 years ago.
  8. farmerdave

    The Outer Circle

    A version I heard was that Prime Minister Edward Heath was at 10 Downing Street and advised that he should be seen travelling on buses. His response was "Oh very well. Have one sent round for me".
  9. farmerdave

    It’s Eric’s (cookie273uk) Birthday !

    Happy Birthday Eric. Hope you have a great day.
  10. farmerdave

    The Outer Circle

    Awful news. The round-around number 11 Outer Circle bus route is an icon of Birmingham. The next thing to happen will be the filling-in of canals so that we have fewer than Venice! Dave.
  11. farmerdave

    Edgbaston High School for Girls

    Presumably this is King Edward VI High School for Girls which moved from New Street to Edgbaston in 1940. A very highly-regarded independent secondary school for girls in Birmingham.
  12. farmerdave


    Going very strong. Another rapid riser was "these trying times" where we talked about our experiences during the first lockdown. This reached 1485 posts and 75 pages in 89 days. It was terminated on June 14th 2020. Old Birmingham Photos from STEVEBHx took 94 days to reach 1485 posts but is still...
  13. farmerdave

    old car snaps

    Not an old car but the back of an old lorry. Very clear registration number DOP 661. Does anyone know when this may have been introduced? I'm trying to date this photograph as the person in the foreground is my mother. Could be early 1950s? Many thanks. Looking more closely it could be DDP. Dave.
  14. farmerdave

    It’s oldbrit’s birthday !

    Happy birthday. Hope you manage to fit in a bike ride.
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    Holidays : Holidays at home and days out

    The reason you saw two terns is because one good tern deserves another.