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    Social Clubs and rules for women history

    Is this because its only men who have big sticks? Or they are all dickheads?! In my Grandad and Dad's day, the committee might have said a woman can't go there because of listening to mens foul language - they have a right to be themselves. What is their argument today? I'm in Australia now...
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    The brownie guide pack of birmingham

    Are the Brownie Guides a thing of the Brummie past? In early 1970's I 'promised to do my best/do my duty to God/serve other people/and something the brownie guide law' and got my little badge. "Be Prepared" is still something I live life by!
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    Civilians Called up for war work

    I have been looking at the heroic effort of my Grandmother who came from Scotland to Birmingham - the first record is a letter of her being a "Metal Works Machinist" 952 Kingstanding Road, Handsworth. 1941 -age 20yrs. She was in a Hostel at 276 Monument Rd. Ladywood. From what I picked up on the...
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    Yardley Village

    John Crump...you must be from the same roots as my Gt gt Granny Fanny Crump - Nailers of Bromsgrove region - come into Brum at the beginning of twentieth century?!
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    Father Hudson's and Father Flint

    Suzanne:Thankyou for your comment and effort: obviously Father Flint had a talent with book-keeping that they whisked him from Coventry to Coleshill which was a huge enterprise. What a pity he wasn't in the photo with the three priests...well I assume he wore the same dress as them! Also in your...
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    Father Hudson's and Father Flint

    Thankyou Sue.As its not fiction I want to best represent things in right context. When I am writing its preferable to have a photo or background material, and it seems strange that an important figure like Fr Flint isn't showing up on google! Dwilly - Mum was was at Sisters of Nazareth...
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    Social Clubs and rules for women history

    Thanks for this - thought I was writing a historical document about discrimination which ended with womens lib in the early 70's not rules(cultures) that went into into the 80's. As there is still gaping holes in womens(working class) history we must work to put it out there for those young ones...
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    Social Clubs and rules for women history

    I'd like to fill out some social history of the sexism that seemed a "natural" part of life for women in 1960's etc . Mum(in Selly Oak, said women not allowed to be members of clubs their husbands went to, not allowed in snooker rooms - play card games etc But allowed to play Bingo! Blogging...
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    Father Hudson's and Father Flint

    Father Flint was made into a Canon, being the Administrator of Father Hudson's Homes - from the letters that I have, he organised placements of babies born to unmarried women like my grandmother in Ladywood parish in the 1940's. Also involved in the Child Migration Scheme to Commonwealth...
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    On This Day 1940

    Thanks for the information; it give me a picture of my grandmother in Ladywood, 8 months pregnant and the sound of sirens and bombs, and carnage.
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    Thanks for an informative thread as I trace my Higgins folk from Nailing in Belbroughton into the High St of Harborne 1881. 2 stone building in a Stoneyard? and work as a brickies labourer/stonemasons labourer - a trade that would keep many fellas employed in the building boom. William and Fanny...
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    Kynoch's I C I 1930s - 1940s

    Re: Munitions works Thankyou.These photos speak a 1000 words. It is very good to be reminded, especially when your forebears didn't talk about their heroic efforts in the past amidst their own personal battles. It looks like she was sent to work for essential war work in Handsworth from...
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    sun ray treament

    circa 1970 I was about 8 (oh the memory!) - Mum took me on the bus to school clinic(at Harborne?) from Selly Oak. I don't know what it was for either...but I can guess a dose of vit d. Can remember strange rubbery smell, the darkness and someone behind the glass saying, go to the next one, now...
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    Kynoch's I C I 1930s - 1940s

    Re: Munitions works In my Grandmothers papers: 20yrs Metal Works Machinist 952 Kingstanding Rd. Handsworth. 1940-1. I'm creating a picture of what it must have been like living in Monument Rd Ladywood, going to work - who was the firm? And what did women do there?
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    Southall William George Electoral roll 1940

    Re: Electoral roll 1940 Mmm thanks for that - curiouser and curiouser.....