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Recent content by evergreen

  1. evergreen

    Halesowen churches ????

    Apart from St. John's there is also St. Margaret of Antioch, in the Hasbury Halesowen area.
  2. evergreen

    Mike Guest

    Such sad news, Mike was a nice man, he will be missed, condolences to his family. Heather
  3. evergreen

    My Sad Loss

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Heather
  4. evergreen

    West Bromwich parish records

    Hi Adele. Tis me again, you will need a County Archive Research Network (CARN) readers ticket. If you havn't got one they will sort it out for you when you get there, you will need some form of I.D. not sure if this will help Smethwick Library High Street Smethwick B66 1AA. Tel: 0121 558...
  5. evergreen

    West Bromwich parish records

    Hi Adele, They do keep microfische records at smethwick library, it would be worth giving them a call to see that the West Brom records are there before you make the trip. To use the readers in the Library has to be by appointment only. Good luck Heather
  6. evergreen

    Hand car wash

    I use one quite often, they do a really good job, wash, wax & dry for £5
  7. evergreen

    The ring and ride.

    My mother-in-law uses the service. There is talk of a charge of 60p to £1 per journey. She loves her trips out and has made many friends who use this service. The drivers collect her from the door and on the way back make sure she and her shopping are safely inside the house. It's worth £2...
  8. evergreen

    Free BMD

    Reg numbers are good.
  9. evergreen

    My Wife Marion.

    So sorry to hear this news, I am thinking of you and your family. Heather
  10. evergreen

    Buccaneer Chester Road

    Hi Dek Glad that has cleared the query. :):) looks like we were both mere saplings in the 50's:D:D Heather
  11. evergreen

    Buccaneer Chester Road

    Hi Dek Sent an email to my cousin who lived aon the estate behind the pub. below is his reply The farmhouse that served the farm that Mothers estate was built on was situated roughly where the pub used to stand. As you are probably aware, the drinker was demolished a few years back and...
  12. evergreen

    The price is right

    I missed it, but would love to know if Wendy can remember, what the prizes were. Looking back on these programmes, we thought 'Wow' when they showed us a shiny new fridge or a weekend in Paris, now we just think 'Is that it':D:D So Wendy if you can remember anything about the programme...
  13. evergreen

    Buccaneer Chester Road

    Thanks so much for the Google Maps Frothy. Heather
  14. evergreen

    Buccaneer Chester Road

    Thank you all for the information, I always wondered why the pub had got that name. Heather
  15. evergreen

    lad in the Lane meet On The Day

    Hi all, Sorry that I couldn't make the meeting, I got stuck with the painting, walls done, floor cleaned and paint removed from the dog.:(:( I have had a look at the videos and the photos, looks like you all had a great day. :):) all the best Heather