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  1. ethanedwards

    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Can I ask the admin team to sort out this forum. It is getting fragmented with some threads about the same nightclubs and venues!! Members are not checking the forum to see if there is a thread already in existence, before starting a new one! I tried a couple of years back to consoliodate posts...
  2. ethanedwards

    The Cinephone

    Great and interesting clip Terry, thanks for posting. Ironic how at the time they were the most modern and futuristic cinemas, and today most don't exist!
  3. ethanedwards

    The Towers pub, Great Barr

    Yes I did, for a few years. Late 60's,70's ish!!!
  4. ethanedwards


    Yes we are indeed still looking. I went there a couple of times and was impressed to how modern it seemed. Great photos, and many thanks for posting them.
  5. ethanedwards

    Birmingham Cinemas

    Hi Len, Thanks for the pic of the old Danilo In the 70's and 80's I lived in Quinton, and saw many films at the then Essoldo
  6. ethanedwards

    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Hi Ozzie you might be intersested in these the dedicated threads for The Plaza's and Ritz and the Golden Eagle
  7. ethanedwards

    Birmingham Hippodrome

    When I was a kid, I saw Roy, Dale and Trigger at The Plaza Theatre in West Bromwich. He asked all the kids who were wearing cowboy suits onto the stage and we all, one by one had the treat of sitting on top of Trigger. He gave us all a blue Lone Star gun as a gift. Only wish I still had it...
  8. ethanedwards

    Golden Eagle- Hill Street

    Great shot Lyn, thanks.
  9. ethanedwards

    Rum Runner

    Past membership cards:-
  10. ethanedwards

    Le Metro

    A past membership card:-
  11. ethanedwards

    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Thought these might be interesting, Membership cards from the past:-
  12. ethanedwards

    Birmingham Cinemas

    Thanks, and yes it probably was later, but it was indeed the Gaumont, where I saw these movies
  13. ethanedwards

    plaza handsworth

    Morris, Take a look at this dedicated thread https://forum.birminghamhistory.co.uk/showthread.php?t=29255
  14. ethanedwards

    Birmingham Cinemas

    Besides watching TSOM five or six times. The Gaumont was also the 'Cinerama' cinema. I saw How The West Was Won, It's A Mad, Mad, World, and Fall of the Roman Empire there
  15. ethanedwards

    Golden Eagle- Hill Street

    Thanks for this. Hope you don't mind me putting side by side with the other photograph, on the first post. Makes for good comparison.