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Recent content by Eric Gibson

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    Cork Tip Cigarettes

    This might interest. https://www.dumaurier.org/dumauriercigarettes.php
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    Cork Tip Cigarettes

    As I recall the cork tip was just that, not a filter, a thin layer of cork round the tip to stop the paper getting wet and soggy, filters came later. My dad smoked about forty a day Woodbines when he was working in the factory during the war and doing nights in the Civil Defence but gave up...
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    Telephone scams 2020

    I read something somewhere the other day about vulnerable people being cold called and sold service plans for their washing machines fridges etc. Some poor old guy, after he died, his daughter found that he had £1,000 a month going out in direct debits to 'insure' his freezer.
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    Telephone scams 2020

    A new one maybe? A call this morning, the lady called me by name then said "It's about your washing machine warranty." then rang off before I could respond. :( My washing machine must be thirty years old. 02080775822
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    No mention of if the occupants/owners were rehoused or compensated for the destruction of their properties and businesses.
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    In the Garden 2020

    "Birdwatchers have descended on a salt marsh to see a bird not seen in Britain for 40 years." :) Does that suggest that forty years ago it was 'globally warmer?
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    Computer help please.

    Pop it 'Xtra-PC' into Google and see the reams of 'It's a 'Scam' videos that come up. :)
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    printing problem

    With both my old HP and Epson printers I used compatible cartridges, the story that Epson blocked the use of third party cartridges is wrong there was a way around it, I never paid the full whack for genuine ones. For my current HP Envy 5646 I have an 'Instant ink' supply contract, costs me...
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    Clearwell Gloucestershire. It had three pubs, a church and two shops, one a post office, plus a small confectionery shop run from an old lady's front room. Down to one pub now, the other two are currently closed and may not reopen, a shame really because one was a three star Michelin restaurant...
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    I suppose I 'worked from home' since 1965, we lived over the shop and my workshop and petrol forecourt were just outside. :). That business has disappeared in recent years as the customers decided village shopping was a no no and they drove their cars into town to the supermarkets for both food...
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    printing problem

    Not now but I've had one before. There's a lot of help for them on the hP website.https://support.hp.com/gb-en/product/HP-Photosmart-5520-e-All-in-One-Printer-series/5157533
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    Telephone scams 2020

    A new variation of the Scamazon calls over the last few days. the call starts with "Your call is important to us please hold." then some music then a real person saying "Good morning how are you today." if I let it continue it gets to the 'press one' bit. After the first one I don't let it get...
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    Cock Inn Coventry road Elmdon.

    We have a Cock Inn locally here, An office lady entertaining an American visitor wound him up with the story about a thief being chased by the cops, "They chased him past the Red Lion, the Kings Head and the Apple Tree and caught him by the Cock."
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    HS2 Archaeology

    I note that the tree climbers are back out trying to disrupt the progress of HS2, they are damaging the 'bat habitat' that they're so called 'protecting'
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    Whites Removals

    Whites moved us from Birmingham to the Forest of Dean in September 1965