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Recent content by Edd Mather

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    Ansell's Brewery, 1950s

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    Lost West Midlands Breweries

    Hi, I haven't seen any records from Simpkis's, I but I was talking to a brewing friend recently and he told me that when he went round the brewery the soon after it stopped producing, I he felt like it had just been left, and including one brew in a vessel!! Cheers Edd
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    Showell's Crosswells Brewery

    Hi All , I`ve attatched the list of beers from Showell`s from 1885 , I`ve not got round to converting these to a Homebrew format .......... yet !! , just in the middle of the Boddington`s section of the book at the moment , hopefully I`ll be able to include more than one brewery from the...
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    Showell's Crosswells Brewery

    Hi , I'm a brewer and brewing historian currently writing a book on old beers , and just got some information on Showell's , that members may be interested in !! , I'll upload the info tomorrow, It's a list of the beers that the Crosswells was turning out in 1885 with the original gravities ...