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    James Turner Street

    Thank you for your reply to my question Alan its nice to get a general idea of the area.
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    James Turner Street

    Bernard from this can I say that if a relative was living at number 87 James Turner Street when he signed up for WW1 it would be the house that's there today. Thank you.
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    Samuel Village born 1852 father John Village married Mary Ann Sanders 1850-1874. at St Marks Birmingham on the 7/7/1873.. 2nd marriage for Samuel Village to Annie Spurgin (1865-1917. Married at Christchurch Soarkbrook 24/4/1882 witnessed by William and Jane Village it records Samuel was a...
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    Charles Frederick Kirby born 1854

    Sampson Kirby married Ann Peters 16/9/1851 at St Peter St Paul the marriage was witnessed by Henry and Julia Jones. Grooms father John Kirby. Brides father John Peters. Ann Peters 1836-1864 so the Charles on the 1871 census is most like the son of Sampson and Ann Kirby.
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    Have we helped you in the past?

    I have been helped by many people over the years I have belonged to BHF . Just to mention one Key Hill Brian who found the Bowen graves for me and photographed them even told me who was buried near them. Then out of the blue he had meet a young woman looking for a Bowen grave at Key Hill and he...
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    Jewellery Quarter Research Group.

    Hi Nigel I would be interested to know who my cousin would be as I only remember girl cousins on my Bowen side. Could you also let me know the Birth dates that are different to the ones you have so I can check further. If you private message me with your email address I will send you the...
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    Jewellery Quarter Research Group.

    Hi Nigel My father was Albert Ernest Bowen (1903) son of Alfred (1874) son of William Richard Bowen (1851) son of James Bowen (1812) son of Jonas (1786) son of Thomas wife Sarah Gardener but no details of Thomas or his wife Sarah. regards Dotti
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    Aston Tavern, Aston Hall Road

    Lyn here is the article on the Aston Tavern hope you can read this.
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    Aston Tavern, Aston Hall Road

    Lyn I will put it one when I get back home i am on holiday at the moment
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    Aston Tavern, Aston Hall Road

    Lyn I have been doing my friends family tree name GARRATY and she told me one of her fathers brothers had been killed at the pub. You can imagine my surprise when I opened a family history magazine this year and it had the coroners report about it there was even small pictures of Frank and his wife.
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    Aston Tavern, Aston Hall Road

    On the 11 February 1928 during a storm a chimney blew down and fell on Frank GARRATY he died from his injuries his wife Lillian was injured.. Harry Lapidus was the land lord he was the brother in law of Frank.
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    Birmingham Municipal Bank

    I don't know if this has been on here before but I just discovered it yesterday. There are some really good old photos of people connected to the history of this bank from about 1921. www.bmbhistory.org.uk
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    Lea Village Boys Secondary Modern School

    a t Dixon there certainly was Lea Village Boys School and next door was the girls school. My husband was at the boys and I was at the girls about the same time as you. On the FB page some time back somebody put pictures on for this school as it is now being demolished.
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    Courtyards and yards of brum

    My families lived in Pope Street I don't know if they used the pub though.
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    Colour Photos August 1939

    Really lovely photos thanks for posting the links so we could all share them