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    The True Horrors Of Ww2

    Little bit of information from the web. http://www.illstonandrobson.com/history.html
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    prescott st..all saints

    A rather later image, Prescott Street was again far left of image next to the metal railings. The second image was on the corner of where Ellen Street met Prescott Street.
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    prescott st..all saints

    Here is another image, Prescott Street Far Left. (Taken from in front of Laurels Public House)
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    prescott st..all saints

    Here is a view you may well remember, Wilkes Chemist (far left) was on the corner of George St West & Prescott Street.
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    aston sheds

    Going slightly off thread, apologies, If anyone is interested here is a list of "Jubilee" names, and a little bit of information. http://www.jubilees.co.uk/details/
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    Childhood Memories Of Trains

    July 1930 (not sure where though) 7 new king class locomotives. Image credits Creator:A. R. Coster Credit:Getty Images
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    Snow Hill Station

    Did not see all at Snow Hill, traveled the length and breadth of england and wales with my good friend Ken Ward (who worked for BR) had many trips down to Cornwall and back bunking quiet a few sheds too, same to on the LMS routes, only needed one Royal Scot to complete the class, never did cop...
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    Snow Hill Station

    King John was the only King Class I needed to "Cop" to complete the class, never did see it to cross it off in my Ian Allen book.
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    Pub in Wychall Lane

    Image. Row of shops plus the willows far left. (Phyliss Nicklin)
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    Pubs Of The Past

    Apologies if been posted before, a few great pubs in Birmingham. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/nostalgia/gallery/amazing-archive-images-birmingham-pubs-7980323
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    dance halls

    Thank you Lady P, Mothers opened August 68 I see, shall say no more because there are other threads on Mothers, but thank you.
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    dance halls

    Re post 126. Did the Carlton Club become Mothers ? Any idea of the date of original advert please ?
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    Shop - can you identify please

    Paradise Street (Town Hall Side) there was a shop there with curved window, maybe a utilities provider, Gas Electric ?
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    Lyn, "If" you mean Sheepcote Street there are a few on the Old Ladywood site, if not apologies.
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    Man on the moon pub.

    Was it really 50 years ago? Oh my goodness, I remember that time quite well, I worked for Multi Broadcast in Acocks Green at that time, Multi Broadcast was a TV rental company, and the company loaned the renamed pub top of the range colour televisions for the duration of the take off, flight...