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  1. Di.Poppitt

    Alf Buckley.

    Bless him, he was lovely, until recently we emailed every day. He lived alone, and was often lonely and we wrote about the day we'd had. Gosh I am going to miss him. I always finished by writing Take care, sleep tight God Bless Alfie XX
  2. Di.Poppitt

    Peaky Blinders - A world away from Downton!

    I don't care what they say, we all heard language like it, just get them back ............ it beats Coronation Street
  3. Di.Poppitt

    Canterbury Road Police Station

    I think the photo must be Perry Barr Station, I went to Canterbury Road School and the Police Station was nothing like that. It was a much smaller building, wasn't it!!
  4. Di.Poppitt


    On a Saturday afternoon, with little else to do while waiting for Strictly, I came upon this bit of nonesence. I have had a chuckle or two...............
  5. Di.Poppitt

    Peaky Blinders - A world away from Downton!

    We are definitely going to put the sub- titles on this series - can't wait.
  6. Di.Poppitt

    It's Astonesses (lyn's) Birthday !

  7. Di.Poppitt

    National Trust Back To Backs Inge Street

    When they were first opened there were such a lot of cross members on this Forum. I think they expected to see bed bugs and grime, I just imagined the first people to live in them, clean walls and a little firegrate. The realism popped up in odd places, an overcoat instead of blankets on a bed...
  8. Di.Poppitt

    The Birmingham Pals in the Great War

    Perhaps a moderator can edit my post, when I tried I got the smaller imges
  9. Di.Poppitt

    The Birmingham Pals in the Great War

    Here it is Lyn, the standard Service Medal. I guess it was given to all who served. I have no idea why my family had it.
  10. Di.Poppitt

    The Birmingham Pals in the Great War

    Hi Steve, absolutely no connection. The other medals I have are an uncle by marriage, he was in the Norfolks, and the Pals badge. The only other photo I have is again Uncle George, wearing his cap but it is blurred. I'll attach it just in case.
  11. Di.Poppitt

    The Birmingham Pals in the Great War

    Ok Steve, I found it. Couldn't see for looking. Two Uncles William Henry Horton, born 1892, George Horton, born 1898, both joined the war from Hamstead. George has two wound stripes on his uniform. The number on the badge is 275212. It is the silver Service Medal. For King and Empire Services...
  12. Di.Poppitt

    Library Of Birmingham 2013

    The new library is an abomination - yes it is a good word for it. It is enormous inside and not many people in there. Perhaps when the newness has worn off it will feel better. I did love the light, lots of windows, oh yes, and a roof garden, not since Lewis's has Brum had one of those. Sadly...
  13. Di.Poppitt

    The Birmingham Pals in the Great War

    Yes Lyn, I have checked all sources for info on my two uncles, no luck so far. Thank you Steve, you won't believe it but I can't find the medal. Last seen in my pen pot on my desk!! It can't have gone far can it.
  14. Di.Poppitt

    The Birmingham Pals in the Great War

    I had 2 uncles who served in WW1, and my aunts husband whose war medals I found when dealing with a family home after a death, he was in a Northumberland regiment. After reading this thread I took the box out and had another look at everything. I have found a number that is very faint on the...
  15. Di.Poppitt

    Our Thoughts For Ger22van (ernie)

    I am so very sorry to hear of Ernie's illness. Such a cruel way to end his life and he will be sorely missed on this Forum. XX