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  1. devonjim

    Dens and camps

    Don't remember actually digging a hole, but we had similar dens in the land beyond Blakenhale Rd that was the route to Pool Way. Now a housing estate. Best dens had a fire!
  2. devonjim

    Central Grammar, International School Tile Cross

    Never a pupil of CGS but a friend was a near contemporary of yours, Jim Paxton 50-58 he was much involved with old boys rugby. Also a neighbour in 1940's-60's, Mrs. Sanders, was in charge of school dinners at Central in your day.
  3. devonjim

    Pinfold Road Yardley

    Thanks for reviving this old thread. I regularly caught the No11 bus on the bridge near Pinfold House in early 1970's. and before that worked in Amington Rd and lived in Stockfield Rd so could visualize the area. I even recall a birthday party at a house in Kilmorie Rd as long ago as 1948...
  4. devonjim

    A House Through Time

    Has anyone said that the new 2021 series is about Headingley, Leeds
  5. devonjim

    Josiah Parkes & Sons Stirchley

    https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Josiah_Parkes_and_Sons I remember Parkes in Charlotte Rd., I worked just up the road in Fordhouse Lane. Parkes had connections with Willenhall Locks and Union Locks who supplied lock mechanisms to Wilmot-Breeden. Sorry no pictures.
  6. devonjim

    News of help in future to those seeking graves (for C of E)

    How it works! https://www.churchofengland.org/media-and-news/press-releases/nationwide-digital-churchyard-mapping-project-begins
  7. devonjim

    King Edward's School, New Street

    The art master at KEGS Camp Hill in 1950's was an Appleby.
  8. devonjim

    Church Road, Yardley.

    Welcome! I often marvel how much people's paths cross. I have a friend who now lives in Omokoroa, not a million miles from you, who lived by the Beaufort. A great uncle worked at Wash Lane fire station, my gran had Harding's bread delivered by horse and cart, she lived in Tyseley. I was in Life...
  9. devonjim

    News of help in future to those seeking graves (for C of E)

    Gave this link a try, basic info was not helpful, but crossing their palm with silver(£10) brought forth a lot of information. Grave location, vicar who performed ceremony, place of death.
  10. devonjim

    Ninfield Road Acocks Green

    I must have lived just across the railway tracks (North Warwickshire Line) from this group. We had our "own" stirrup pump and the letters "FP" were stencilled discreetly on the front of the house. After the war the stirrup pump was added to the gardening equipment, useful for spraying the roses.
  11. devonjim

    In The Garden 2021

    Buddleia was truly the butterfly bush yesterday, peacock, red admiral, tortoiseshell, cabbage white all in abundance.
  12. devonjim

    In The Garden 2021

    Bob, Make the most of it.
  13. devonjim

    Redhill Terrace, Hay Mills

    Hi, Never lived in this area but, my dad worked in Redhill Rd at CWS Cabinet, it became Carters when Co-op move to Shirley. You mention a family called Mole in the terrace, there was a Frankie Mole who worked at WB in Amington Rd. led a pop group in 1960's and not a bad footballer for a...
  14. devonjim

    Hams Hall power station

    Did "a weeks work experience" at Hams Hall, guess it must have been July '58. Interview in Moseley, Wake Green Road. Used to have to cycle from Garretts Green. Weather must have been good. Dimly remember taking samples of coal and using a bomb calorimeter and of coolant from the turbines to...
  15. devonjim

    Bilberry Hill training centre Association of Boys Clubs

    In the early 1960's I was a driver of the BFBC's Land Rover. The vehicle and trailer were stored at Bilberry Hill, after work on a Friday night I would collect the vehicle to take our youth club members to North Wales or Peak District etc. on walking, climbing, camping weekends. Sorry to learn...