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    Thank you one and all xx
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    Nice to see my Dads photos are still doing the rounds..dereklcg
  3. dereklcg

    Birmingham by Night

    Fantastic pics not seen anything like it before. regards dereklcg
  4. dereklcg

    Tile cross/ marston green / dorridge

    Do you know the area? i used to help the baker who lived in Shirestone road, a also liked the chip shop at the end of the road mmm. i lived in the lea hall area went to lea village school did,nt like school much.... regards dereklcg
  5. dereklcg

    Tile cross/ marston green / dorridge

    Shirestone road, Tile Cross. Hope its the sort of thing you want
  6. dereklcg

    Severn valley railway.

    It,s so funny how we don,t talk anymore?
  7. dereklcg

    Rocky Lane Aston

    I have just read this thread all the way through,fantastic i loved every bit of it. even though i,m on it some i had,nt seen sorry if i did,nt reply at the time. hello John Knight former Cromwell street resident,hope you and yours are all well. Regards to al dereklcg..
  8. dereklcg

    Fish&Chip shop scratchings

    Best chippies and scratchings for me and i,m sure others remember it. was i think oliver st on the corner grt lister st,they were special. a lot of places now don,t give you salt and viniger unless you ask.. Happy days in birmingham 7.. dereklcg
  9. dereklcg

    City Centre Photographs

    That's a grt picture Trevor, back to my youth! Derek
  10. dereklcg

    Ward End Park

    I met my wife in Ward end park,me and my mate were on the rowing boats one Sunday afternoon, we a spyed these two young ladies on a bench, asked them if they would like to come on the boat with us. Cut a long story short we courted them and married them over fourty years ago,we,re still all...
  11. dereklcg

    Great Lister St shops

    Hello Peter did you ever come across the photo,of your Mom and Dads shop in Cromwell st? regards Derek 3 Cromwell st Nechell B,ham 7
  12. dereklcg


    Hello stars,a driver i worked with Bob Braid drove for caudles many years ago, they had some of the biggest fleet of trucks next to pickfords. I did my HGV training down the road happy days. regards Derek
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    I worked at a garage in Sheldon heath road, and we used to have our Ford spares from the said garage. They used to have dark blue almost black Anglia vans,it was attached to the wirlwing petrol station. regards dereklcg
  14. dereklcg

    Birmingham City Centre 1964

    Re: Birmingham City Centre 1954 Hello Wendy,hope you and your's are all well? That was a grt piece of film how smart people looked none of them with there trousers down there backside and all. The times they are a changein, take care regards Derek
  15. dereklcg

    Refuse Collecting Vehicles

    Re: Refuge Collecting Vehicles It is as you thought a dust cart.as it goes a friend of mine well in his late 70s used to drive the said vechicle. it is in dollman st b,ham sort of museum,it was renovated for a lord mayors show so i,m lead to believe, a few years ago..regards dereklcg.