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Recent content by dennis

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    Alan Tucker - member of this forum

    Sorry to hear the bad news my sympathy goes out to all the family
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    New library.

    I have to agree with my fellow "brummiesas regarding the ugliness of "our" new library what a monstrosity it really is,when you see the for example it makes you wonder what sort of architects design these modern day buildings,we even have to look at the lovely Mosques that have been built to...
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    Mike Guest

    What can I say that has not already been said, Although I never met Mike I enjoyed his style of writing on he forum. it is always a sad time when we hear of the loss of one of our members, I only hope Mike slipped away peacefully, and I would like to send my deepest Sympathy to all his family...
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    W.J: Whittall & Son Builders. Any info please

    Hi Sue, was that the Whittall the Building Firm one time in Aldridge Rd,? My grandfather was also a forman carpenter, wore a bowler hat in those day. his name was of Lewis Williams
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    This photo of some of our Lads standing by a Jewish armoured car that came to grief on the Jaffa Rd. 1948
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    Don't know if this works??? but I have tried to enter the memorial for our lads who did not return from Palestine dennis
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    Les Burgin in Egypt

    sorry to hear About your father Brum, bet he could tellsome great experieces of his army life regards, dennis (tamworth)
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    110 Twickenham Road Dawes Family

    hi Shaun, i can remember the Tubbs family, there was quite a few of them wasn't there?
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    Suez Crisis

    A good friend of mine is now compiling a book on the Suez crisis. he would like to hear of anyone serving out there at the time, of their experieces,he has obtained lot's of photographs and maps that he intends to publish as soon as he has all the info complete he has already published two...
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    My Sad Loss

    Phil, so sorry about the loss of your dear wife Penny, ,it's a terrible loss for you, I know just how much you feel having gone through it myself, at least you will have some wonderful memories of you life together at least she is not suffering anymore and that's a blessing isn't it? R.I.P. Penny
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    Dog food

    Bob thanks for your advice, will try them next time I am in town PS i don't mean I personally will try them just the dog
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    Dog food

    Thanks to all you folk who replied to my request. Now for a laugh,The other day I treated myself to a couple of custards Placed one on the coffee table And went backinto the kitchen for a coffee,when i went for the custard on the coffee table it had vanished,so back into the kitchen I go,Just...
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    Dog food

    Now being a dog owner, I have, as you do, tried various dog foods both dry & tinned, some my dog will eat,others she will turn her nose up so it got me wondering as to what you dog owners feed your dogs on?When i got my dog Lucie from the RSPCA dogs home they recomended a dry food, so buying...
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    Bromford Racecourse

    hi David, There used to be part of the race course left on the Bromford estate, Probably not there now though, i went a few times with my father, & met "Prince Monalulu"
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    Park Street Pubs and Hotels and historic buildings

    Bob, I think something of a mix up has happened, first, my name is Dennis Williams,but not the one who has written about the pubs, I have not been on the forum for a while so there must be two of us??????