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    Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974

    Barry, what is your surname? Dad is 91 in February and is trying to place you.
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    They were my absolute favourites! We always used to go there for the “rejects”.
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    Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974

    No, Dave Sadler lives near Evesham and has always lived around the West Midlands area.
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    Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974

    Thanks Chris. I'll mention your name to Dad to see if he remembers you.
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    Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974

    thank you I think Dad did mention that was his surname.
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    Old Birmingham Schools - Changed Or Demolished

    Shirestone Junior & Infants School B33 Edit. Shirestone School (Tile Cross J & I School) thread link is here https://birminghamhistory.co.uk/forum/index.php?threads/tile-cross-infants-junior-school-shiretone-school.13552/#post-98277
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    Tile Cross Infants & Junior School Shiretone School

    Shirestone Junior & Infants School B33 - Head Mr Penny (enjoy and not destroy), Deputy Head Mrs Dare. Teachers - Mrs Giles, Mrs Walker, Mrs Ashford (slapped my legs for not getting into line quickly enough when the whistle blew), Mr Griffiths.
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    Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974

    My father was Sergeant Eric Hayward who must have joined up around 1952. I know he was stationed at Acocks Green, Sheldon, Bradford Street, to name a few. Officers I remember from my childhood are: David Speake, "Beefy" Eric Turner, Ken Fisher, Dicky DeBoo, Dave Sadler (dog handler) amongst...