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Recent content by dek carr

  1. dek carr

    what is a true brummy

    I seem to remember buying dried peas from the Corn Shop by the lb they would then be soaked in water for ages and then boiled up,
  2. dek carr

    Itchycoo park Bordesley Green

    I always knew it as Itchycoo Park and they had the fair on the lower section every Autumn.
  3. dek carr

    Stately House Identification

    It looks a lot like Ragley Hall Alcester also Hagley Hall is similar.
  4. dek carr

    In the garden 2013 - 2018

    Just found an Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar in my garden must be a good year for them.
  5. dek carr

    Hardy Spicers Ltd

    The Norton was on the corner of Kingsbury Rd and Tyburn Rd now replaced by a Lydl Store.
  6. dek carr

    Hardy Spicers Ltd

    The Tyburn House and the Bagot Arms.
  7. dek carr

    In the garden 2013 - 2018

    Its a young Robin When young Blackbirds & Thrushes fledge they are almost the same size as their parents.
  8. dek carr


    Whites in Summer Lane well worth a visit not changed since I first went in there in the 50s.
  9. dek carr

    Where is This #209?

    Could be the junction Aldridge Rd & College Rd.
  10. dek carr

    Where is This #207?

    The White Horse.
  11. dek carr

    Across Birmingham on the 29A

    Changed the number about 12 months ago.
  12. dek carr

    Gosta Green Through Duddeston

    Phil I read that there was a one way system in Nechells.At the Green it went left into Thimble Mill Lane right at Long Acre down to Cuckoo Rd and back up Nechells Park Rd.
  13. dek carr

    Gosta Green Through Duddeston

    Ash & Lacey Galvanisers in Meriden St 1960s moved to Rea St.
  14. dek carr

    Midland Counties Dairy

    I still use the milkman sometimes I here him putting the milk down at 2 in the morning.I,ll support them for ever even if the milk is a little more expensive.Every one needs a Job.
  15. dek carr

    In the garden 2013 - 2018

    Squirrels never hibernate if its really cold they will huddle together for long periods.Wouldn,t be much point in burying food in the fall if they did.