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    Rosary Road Erdington Memories

    Thanks for the reply, I feel its important my generation and younger learn more of what went on back then. Mum often tells of when in the Anderson shelter her dad thought the bombing had stopped and went up the steps to check and one came down, throwing him across the shelter. Luckily he was ok...
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    Rosary Road Erdington Memories

    Hi just noticed this old post. June was my aunt, after travelling around Canada and usa with 2 other girls on their motorbikes she finally settled in Florida, married twice, had 2 girls and worked at Miami university in nuclear medicine and passed away 2010. Brenda married and lived in West...
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    GEC Witton football club 1950s

    Hi My dad, David Giles, played for them late 50s and would like to get in touch with any others playing at that time such as Bernard and Norman Gilbert, who worked as cobblers for Paynes, can anyone help? Thanks David jnr
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    Wissage workhouse

    Thank you jennyann very useful David
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    Wissage workhouse

    Any info on this Lichfield workhouse for girls much appreciated. I understand it was in diocese of St Mary in ? Sandford lane and subsequently taken over by Stafford council. Particularly interested in "inmates" 1900-04 and more info than supplied by 1901 census ie where they came from and went...