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    HSBC Bank

    The Head Office of HSBC UK is now in Broad Street. I was going to photograph it but have not been in the City Centre since the start of the lockdown. When I was last there, there were still road works going on outside the front door. I did notice that there are two lions outside the front door...
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    Jim Crow

    Just to complete the history in 1854 Albright terminated his partnership with Sturge and took John Edward Wilson into partnership in 1856 continuing the business as Albright & Wilson. Since 2000 the company has been owned by the French company Rhodia.
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    Location wanted for this bus if possible

    Thank you for tracing it. Yes that is the one that I meant. Perhaps I jumped to quickly to a conclusion. Looking closer it does look as if there is a road going off to the right which I assumed was Sun Street but is too close to the junction where the bus is turning. The existence of Midland Red...
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    Location wanted for this bus if possible

    I think we have established that if this is the Wycliffe Chapel then the bus would have been travelling South East on St Luke's Road. The problem with that as I see it is that the route of the Inner Circle was Sun Street (the continuation of Lee Bank Road from Five Ways) right onto Bristol...
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    Midland Red Around Birmingham.

    August bank holiday in those day was first Monday in August so that would have been the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend
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    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    Slavery has been illegal in Britain since medieval times. The Slave Trade was made illegal in 1807.
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    Gas Retort Gas Street

    I have just seen a trailer on BBC TV for Songs of Praise today (Easter Sunday) coming from the centre of Birmingham so I expect some scenes from the Gas Street Church in the Retort House.. This will be shown after the 1 o'clock news.
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    Snow Hill (the Road)

    I am having a little difficulty orientating myself with this photo. This is mainly because I don't remember a Midland Bank in that area. I remember Lloyds Bank and the Post Office. Is that Priory Queensway going off to the right? I don't actually recognise the buildings. I know that the Kennedy...
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    Granville Street

    Looking at Street View, this appears to be the oldest building in Granville Street. I cannot tell if it is 128 but it is in the correct area, looks like it might have been a pub and is near the canal bridge. Don't know if any of this helps.
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    George Dixons Grammar School

    I have mentioned Toffee Sharp before. At the Centenary of the City Road building I went for the open day and met him again and was amazed when I said he was my form master in 2C he recited the entire class register for that year about 50 years before!
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    Childhood Memories Of Trains

    The pannier tanks came after Western Region took over the line from London Midland Region. I don't remember what date that was but I do remember reading that the GWR panniers were over gauge for the line and damaged the platform at Bromsgrove. The revised regional boundary was at Blackwell Summit
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    Elmdon Airport

    The only place that I know where airships still fly regularly is the Zeppelin Museum. I saw this coming in to land whilst waiting for my plane at Friedrichshafen Airport in Germany. (April 2018)
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    Congreve Street

    This has been pedestrian only probably since the building of the concrete library so I don't expect road traffic to use this again.
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    Sutton Coldfield to Stirling Motorail Car Sleeper

    Hello and welcome. Hope you are better soon.
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    Moseley Kings Heath Line

    I think it was just a publicity stunt. (I have edited out a sentence here as I was making a mistake over the dates). Route learning would not be required yet as Worcester drivers and guards already sign for that route. I am not sure about Tyesley drivers. The biggest problem that I see is that...