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Recent content by Dave89

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    Fathers Shoe Repair shop

    Hi 1960s to 1970s address 390 Green Lane Small Heath, so very local to his shop, - by 1985 at the Scribers Lane Hall Green address. Kind regards Dave G0ELJ
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    Hi Alan, My memories of the bedding factory are from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, and it was always known as the Fordux, which I believe was taken over by Slumberland in the 1950s. I understand they had previously been customers. I'm a bit puzzled by the railway reference though. Although there was...
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    Hi Penny, Nor can I ! I really must take the first opportunity when the lockdown ends. Big Gee's mention of the Zeppelin (the L48), reminded me that I still have a couple of small fragments of the L48's frame. There is a big piece of it in the entrance to St. Peter's church at Theberton...
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    Hi Lady P, I have been through Yoxford many years ago, as I remember turning off the old A45 near there to pick up the A12 to go to Southwold. I must go back there when the lockdown is lifted, although I have done a virtual tour of the town, and was a bit disappointed at some of the changes...
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    Hi Lady P, Alba is on Freesat channel 109, and Sky channel 169(for the rest of the UK other than Scotland) I've been right through the Freeview channels here, but I believe it's only available in Scotland. I'm glad you like East Anglia, I was born in Southwold in Suffolk, and lived there until...
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    Hi Janice, Yes, our mangle was kept in the shed too, next to the copper boiler, and on wash day - always Mondays of course - the copper was connected to the cooker in the kitchen by a long flexible metal pipe with rubber ends to feed the gas. Of course there was no gas tap on the copper, so my...
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    Hope & Anchor pub Edmund St

    Hi, When I worked in Newhall St in the early 60s it was still referred to as 'Eli Fletcher's'. Kind regards Dave
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    Worst car of the 1960's

    Hi, I had 2 Viva HCs, and the first one FNP56J was a great car, although it did get through 3 gearboxes, and it suffered body rot at the end of its life. But it cost very little and I did my own repairs, so as I did over 100,000 miles in it I was not complaining. The second was a 1256cc...
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    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    Hi, I have not noticed the artist Robin Hazlewood RI mentioned on this thread. I have a picture of Yardley Church and the old School House by him which was of particular interest to me as I was married there (the Church, that is!) Quite a bargain really, at £2 from the Acorns shop in the...
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    Steam Locos

    Hi, I know nothing about the VOR Railway, but I have a Preservation Datafile book from 1993 which states that VOR have 3 locos - nos 7, 8 and 9 (1213), and that whilst 7 and 8 were built in 1923 at Swindon, 9 was built 1902 by Davies and Metcalfe at Romiley. This is the same info given in the...
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    Hi Pete, Am I remembering correctly that she lived in the block on the corner of Yardley Fields Road by Doctor Masters? Kind regards Dave
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    Hi Pete, That Wessie brings back some memories, although I never had one. But I did have a load of AM10 Cambridges, one I converted to 2 metres FM, and another to a receiver for VHF airband - I think the rest were broken up for spares or sold. Incidentally, for anyone who likes Sailing By...
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    Mom washing the doorstep

    Hi, I remember that a good few years ago, you were responsible for clearing snow and ice away from the pavement outside your home. Kind regards Dave.
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    King Edgar pub

    Hi King Edgar on the pub sign. Kind regards Dave
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    Hi. A couple of jokes of 'These trying times' which I trust no-one will see as anything but positive. A report from Germany said that stocks of Sausage and Cheese were running low, but ended with saying ' this is a Wurst Kase scenario'! A chap who had problems buying toilet rolls used lettuce...