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Recent content by Dave C

  1. Dave C

    Morris Commercial Vehicles

    thanks Eric, I should have shown the whole photo! The person with their hand on her shoulder is my uncle who was in the RAF at the time, well spotted :)
  2. Dave C

    Morris Commercial Vehicles

    My aunt Mary Carr worked at Morris Commercial in Bordesley Green in WW2, I believe she was a machinist on a drilling machine. It would interesting to see any photos of the work inside Morris during WW2?
  3. Dave C

    The Gullett

    My Thompson ancestors were in the Gullet in 1841 having moved from Lichfield, I note the proximity to Lichfield Street which may explain how they settled there. This is the 'nicest' illustration I have seen of the Gullett, do you know where it came from or have any more info!
  4. Dave C

    Birmingham Corporation bus history

    Thanks Lloyd this is very interesting.
  5. Dave C

    Birmingham Corporation bus history

    My Great Uncle was a motor bus driver in 1930 operating from the Arthur Street depot otherwise known as Coventry Road. Does anyone know what he would have been driving, ie a tram or a bus and are there any photos of the depot from that period - I can't find any!
  6. Dave C

    Augusta Street Jewellery Quarter

    Hi Keith how interesting, yes, definitely the same family! My direct Great Grandfather was Francis Lacey, son of George Lacey Jnr as I call him, b 1838. It's an interesting line moving from the Bromsgrove area of Worcestershire to Birmingham where as you say they moved between Gilt Toys...
  7. Dave C


    Great memories, I should've added that on the Saturday walking Hay Bluff we bumped into a party of girls doing a similar outward bound type thing, of course we young lads didn't have the courage to speak up but Don Grantham went up to the leader and just like conducting an army exercise...
  8. Dave C

    Cattell Road between the Atlas and Arsenal St

    Hi Bob, I'm replying for Phil. His Grans name was Ellen Lacey and she lived and in and ran a small grocers shop at 150 Cattell Road from about 1908 until about 1955. My dad and Mom (Phil and Frances Carr) lived there with me as baby from 1953 until 1955. My Great Grandfather Jim Carr lived in...
  9. Dave C

    Augusta Street Jewellery Quarter

    just noticed this, my Laceys were Gilt Toy Makers and Jewellers in Brum, although they came originally from Worcestershire. Is the name George Lacey born 1838 a possible connection? Cheers Dave
  10. Dave C

    howard's place, Birmingham

    a bit of time has passed since this post but I have also found a Howard Place with the following reference; note St Judes. I believe it may have been somewhere between Hill Street and Suffolk Street Street Howard Place Parish Birmingham City or borough Birmingham Town Birmingham County...
  11. Dave C

    Canal Street, Aston

    I can see that this thread is a few years old now but I am also trying to establish which Canal Street my ancestors lived in during the 1840s. I assumed it would be near New Canal Street but this photo from the Birmingham Mail suggests it was off Broad Street, any suggestions?
  12. Dave C

    National Trust Back To Backs Inge Street

    Thanks to everyone for their advice, I also contacted the National Trust and had a really interesting reply from a David Humphries who works as a volunteer for the Back to Backs in Hurst/Inge Street. He provided a very detailed reply including an important person in the Co-operative movement...
  13. Dave C

    National Trust Back To Backs Inge Street

    thanks Mike, I can see that now. It will make my next trip to the back to backs a little more interesting! Dave
  14. Dave C

    National Trust Back To Backs Inge Street

    thanks Viv, appreciated, I will have a good read, Dave
  15. Dave C

    National Trust Back To Backs Inge Street

    Mike thats great, can I just ask you a question, I can see the red area but also what appears to be Court 1 in white next to it, separated by a wall I think. Were both sides of the wall Court 1? Also I am guessing that they would have accessed the Court through the entries which seem to shaded...