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Recent content by Dakers

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    Bolton Road Small Heath Social/Working Man's Club?

    When I lived in Small Heath in the late 70s Deritend ex Service Club was in Regent Park Road. It was in a fairly new building then, might have been in Bolton Road originally.
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    Miles Street

    Here is a picture of The Horse and Jockey pub that was on the corner of Bordesley Park road and Miles street. The Miles Street sign is above the left hand window, the picture was taken c1978, both the pub and street went when the Small Heath by pass was buit in the 1980s.
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    Newton Shakespeare, Garrison Lane

    I worked in the factory on the corner of Garrison Lane and Witton street opposite the park for a short time in 1976. It was an electroplating business called Barrel Plating. I don't know any history of the company but it is the same location as the Newton Shakespeare factory, It was still there...
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    Bolton Road, Small Heath

    These pictures are of two of the terraces mentioned by Phil, I took them in 1976 just as the redevelopment of Bolton Road started.
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    Bolton Road, Small Heath

    Hi Agrotis In the 1970s where Keats Avenue joins Cooksey Road there was a terrace called Cooksey Avenue, it was about 100 yards long and both ends joined Cooksey Road
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    Butler Street, Small Heath

    I have got a Birmingham A-Z c1970, it shows Butler St running between Herbert Road and Arthur St. The Herbert road end is opposite Regents Park Road so Butler St was where Sara Park is now, there is no Butler St South shown on the map.
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    The price of a pint

    I can remember drinking in The Horse & Jockey Small Heath in about 1980, a pint of Davenports bitter was about 30p
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    The Eagle, Floodgate Street

    I had many a good time there in the 1970s when I worked up the road at Crane Screws, it was an Ansells pub called The White Swan. It was one of those pubs that totally ignored the law on opening times. When the blues played at home the smoke room would be full of policemen ten minutes after the...
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    No 8 Bus Route

    No 8 bus was the inner circle, there was 8A anticlockwise, 8C clockwise, 8E not completing the circle. The route was (8A) Small Heath-Bordesley Green-Saltley-Aston-Hockley-Ladywood-Highgate-Sparkbrook-Small Heath.
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    28 bus route

    In the 70s the 28 started in town and went to Great Barr as described by Alberta. In about 1980 the section between Small Heath and town was cut, and the southern terminus of the route became Waverley Road by Small Heath Park.
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    Small Heath Streets

    Hi Redkin Here is a picture of The Horse & Jockey Bordesley Park Road taken in about 1978, I lived in Small Heath in the late 70s and it was my local. I think it was demolished when the Small Heath bypass was built. I hope this helps. Regards Dakers.
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    Beamish Road, Small Heath

    There were two pubs on Miles Street, halfway down was The Plume of Feathers and on the corner of Bordesley Park The Horse and Jockey. Sorry havn't got photo of the Plume of Feathers.
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    Horse and Jockey - Bordesley Park Road

    I lived in Small Heath from 1976 -1981 and was a regular in the Horse & Jockey, it was a two bar Davenports pub on the corner of Miles Street. The landlord at that time was Noel McGuire, I don't know when it closed, when I returned for a visit in 1982 it was still there, but under the threat of...