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Recent content by daid rathgen

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    Mom washing the doorstep

    Thanks Pedrocut, not sure myself what sort of landowner he was except that he had worked hard all his life, made shrewd business investments and became a typical wealthy Birmingham Victorian gentleman. In fact in his Will he described himself as "Esq" rather than 'Gentleman'. He may deserve his...
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    Summer Lane

    Thanks Mikejee; very helpful and much clearer. As far as I can make out Edwin was reluctant to advertise even in the Trade Directories. He is there but not much.
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    Rope Brush Manufacturing

    Very grateful Astoness. When looking through Trade Directories I couldn't find any reference to the business, so this is most helpful.
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    Mom washing the doorstep

    Edwin Withers died in 1888 leaving his properties to his children. He owned Ravenhurst Street numbers 25-29. I presume he rented out each house to tenants. Any images of this end of Ravenhurst? The end nearer to Cheapside? Thanks in advance.
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    I appreciate this extract from 1912 Kelly's as Edwin Withers in his 1888 Will bequeathed his property at 122 Cheapside to his sons, then "occupied by Thomas William Howe". By 1912 the street numbers have been amended to the current style, back in 1888 they must have had a sequential form of...
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    Rope Brush Manufacturing

    In his 1888 Will, Edwin Withers referred to his property in 393 Farm Street as currently occupied by the "Phoenix Drug and Spice Mills". Anybody ever heard of that business, and are there any images of Drug and Spice Mills? Thanking you
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    Summer Lane

    In his 1888 Will, Edwin Withers left a list of properties including "Summer Lane numbers 196 -197 occupied by Crisp Woodward." Any ideas as to who Crisp Woodward may have been? Also i notice the sequential house numbering system "196-197"
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    Address number conversion Stirchley

    My Edwin Withers, rope manufacturer, left in his Will a property at Icneild Street Numbers 156-158 occupied by "Mousely Bolton Clewly Hyde". Any ideas who they were? Sounds like a legal firm, but could be something else. Any images? Thank you
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    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    In his 1888 Will, Edwin Withers refers to a share he has in the 'Egyptian Hall', Snow Hill. Plus some properties in Snow Hill numbers 14 & 15. Any ideas if your Billiard room and pub is also this reference? Adjacent to this reference? Any images?
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    Wheeler Street

    Any views 1900s Gower Place, Wheeler St. Home of William Edward Withers and family, maker of rope and also brushes.
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    Rope Brush Manufacturing

    Not sure if this is right place to look for any sign or advertisement or notice of "Withers Rope and Brush Manufacturing". Edwin Withers started this business c1840s, his son William Edward Withers, took over from 1889 - 1912. William died 1912. William lived in Wheeler street which I see...
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    St Martins Church Birmingham

    In 1734 Benjamin Withers with his wife Mary, took Samuel Withers to St Martin's for his baptism. Leaving his taylors shop in Smallbrook street, would they have "up" to St Martin's or "down " to church? I.e. was there a slope, and if so was it up to church, or down to church? Cheers David
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    St Martins Church Birmingham

    The Family I am searching were Withers, Taylor's in Smallbrook street, back in 1730- 1780s, maybe including 1834 when Benjamin Withers died. May have had a brother Robert also a Taylor. Cheers David
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    St Martins Church Birmingham

    Similarly, looking for an image of the earlier Font, not the current one. Any joy? Cheers David
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    Blue Coat School

    I notice the archives of the Blue Coat school are held at Library of Birmingham and we need to search in person - a little difficult for those of us 'downunder'. Looking to see if by any chance any of the Withers family I am researching may have attended that school, and whether perhaps they...