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    Soho Road Handsworth

    George Frdk Flinn, a commercial traveller,lived at 2 Soho St, Handsworth (1861); then 1881 at 25 Soho Rd, Handsworth as a brewer; 1891 at 182 Soho Hill End, Handsworth (1891 piece 2261, Folio 37) One author has said he had worked for J&J Colman for 43 years and at 182 Soho Hill. I have yet to...
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    Charlotte Street

    In 1880 Mrs Sarah Withers was a shopkeeper at 4 Charlotte Street, St Paul's Square. Any images of shopkeepers in St Paul's from about that time would be most welcome. Cheers
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    Caroline Street

    Walter Withers had a Lithography business, 1881, at 7 Caroline Street, St Paul's. Any pics? Cheers
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    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    Just to clarify the term 'some tipsters' above. Are these the bookies taking bets, or the horses in the race? Sorry my racing education is severely limited ... Cheers
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    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    Just to clarify. Is the image painted by sir Robert Sale, of Mr and Mrs Vallant? If so where did you spot it and may i download it? Cheers
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    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    Sounds plausible, rather like the idea of Gleaner as a winner. Took a squizz at the image via Christie' s site, and why not? Yes, I see the book on Google books. Wonderful. Great find Pedrocut. Most grateful.
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    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    Sure, why not? Maybe. Is Bott a Brummie? Not that that is essential.
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    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    Have discovered these candidates at the website of Invaluable.com: Cornelis Jan Bolt; Johann Friedrich Bolt, copper plate engraver; Niels Peter Bolt; Ronald William Bolt. There is also listed there Frederick Morgan, ROI (British, 1847-1927) "Gleaners". So not much clearer as yet.
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    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    But wait ... there's more: BOLT. In his Will Edwin had listed this one The Gleaners, by Bolt. ‘Bolt’ as a painter, is not found in any on-line reference that I can find. The only painting titled ‘The Gleaners’ found on-line is by Jean-Francoise Millet, 1857. Is there a Birmingham painter named...
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    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    Ok everybody, glad to find this thread, great discussions, love it. Now, in this Covid 19 period how to locate Mr Edward Weston Withers 1763-1819, Edgbaston. His son Edwin is the only reference to him as 'artist' in 1830. So far no joy in finding any reference to him apart from that. You...
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    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    Brilliant, glad to discover this thread. William Such is in Edwin Withers 1888 Will, but merely as a name. Where will I find more of him, please?
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    Artists Who Painted Birmingham Landscapes

    Great news, been looking for this guy, thought he may have been SOUCH. Such is in Edwin Withers 1888 Will.
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    Anyone recognise these from Cheapside/Moseley Street area

    Hi guys, Last year I was searching for Withers in Cheapside. Somebody posted an image of, I think, Cheapside to Deritend (perhaps with a tram, but I'm not now certain). In that photo was a two story building wit a clear sign on the top wall saying "Withers Tobacconist" with an arrow pointing...
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    Rope Brush Manufacturing

    Hi Pedrocut Please could you elaborate a little on this 1829 mention - it could be the only other reference to him in existence! Cheers