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  1. craiguito

    Chamberlain's visit to Haseley Hall

    Hi there, it was my nan who was there, unfortunately she passed away in 2008. My nan was born in 1920, and was probably there around the same time as your mom. She used to talk about walking up a staircase backwards, which always puzzled us. I went to the library archive department today and...
  2. craiguito

    Chamberlain's visit to Haseley Hall

    My nan used to talk about having her picture in the Birmingham Mail as a child because Neville Chamberlain visited Haseley Hall, where she was resident for a while, in the early 30s. I've tried Googling this information but have drawn a blank. Does anyone know any more about this story? I'd...
  3. craiguito

    Death notification

    Hi Janice, thanks for the reply. It was ww1 Regards Craig
  4. craiguito

    Death notification

    Hello, I'd be very grateful for any information for some research I'm doing. On average, if a soldier was killed, in my ancestor's case of Spanish flu, in Africa, does anyone know roughly how long it would take for the relatives back in the UK to be informed? Many thanks in advance, Craig
  5. craiguito

    Beaufort Rd, working boys' home?

    Thanks for the info - never thought of checking Kelly's
  6. craiguito

    Beaufort Rd, working boys' home?

    In 1911, my great grandad Joseph Rosenberg was resident at 55 Beaufort Rd; the other residents were predominently 16/17-year old boys, and judging by their surnames, also Jewish. The head of the household was Arthur Lewis and his wife Rachel's occupation was 'Matron of Working Boys' Home'. What...
  7. craiguito

    18 highcroft road

    This is a very interesting thread - my great great aunt, Emily Litherland died there too in 1948 (she'd previously been a resident at Calthorpe Nursing home 1945 Highbury Hall 1947 : it became a home for elderly women in 1932). As yet I don't know what Emily died of - she's one of the...
  8. craiguito

    World War 2 Service Records

    Hi Carolann, I recently received my grandad's WW2 records and it makes for fascinating reading. It cost me £30, and takes 9 months. They do send you a letter to let you know this in case you don't wish to proceed, but it was well worth the wait. Craig
  9. craiguito

    The beehive pub

    Hello Margaret - I have just read this thread - was your g g grandfather Isaac Axhorn? If so we have a connection, he was my g g grandfather too. Craig
  10. craiguito

    WW2 Terminology

    Thanks for the replies. I have another - RALR. My grandfather was awarded compassionate leave with RALR. I've tried googling it but can't seem to find anything.
  11. craiguito

    WW2 Terminology

    I have recently acquired my grandad's army service records 1929-1945. I'm still slowly trawling my way through - not helped by certain accronyms and abbreviations. Can anyone tell me what "Struck of Strength" means, also TOS, which I presume is a related accronym? Many thanks in advance. Craig
  12. craiguito

    Deeley/Daley - a family riddle

    Enjoying the stories, thanks for the replies!
  13. craiguito

    Deeley/Daley - a family riddle

    Part of my reason for tracing my family tree is that for years there was a story in my family that our surname should actually be Daley and not Deeley. My research has shown that indeed, my great grandad's surname did change back and forth between the two across censuses. The diver Tom Daley...
  14. craiguito

    Birmingham Working Boys Homes

    I believe my great grandfather Joseph Rosenberg attended a working boys' home in Edgbaston, Beaufort Road, where he learnt to be an engraver. I'd be very grateful for any information on this establishment. Many thanks Craig
  15. craiguito

    Belle Vue, Parton St, Hockley