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    Chelmsley Wood - Area 10 - Auckland Drive

    Thank you, both. Very interesting. I had no idea that this kind of regeneration was going on there. I must stop by one day soon and have a wander around.
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    Chelmsley Wood - Area 10 - Auckland Drive

    My family was one of the first to move into Area 10 of Chelmsley Wood when it was still being built. I think it was in 1969 and I was still at Yorkswood Juniors in Kingshurst (used to go on my bike). We lived on Auckland Drive. For the next three years until we moved away I had a paper round...
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    John Anderton

    Charlie, where did John live? There area few "possibles" of the right name and age in the service record collections.
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    Thomas Cecil Rogers

    The pension records held by WFA are not available online or anywhere else. They were about to be thrown out by the Ministry of Defence a couple of years ago, and WFA saved them by agreeing to take them into storage. They are thinking about digitising them but they are complex documents and not...
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    Thomas Cecil Rogers

    I would not advise that, frankly. You would be wasting your money. A much, much better first step would be to contact the Western Front Association for a look-up of the pension records they hold. See...
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    Thomas Cecil Rogers

    Thomas's short period of service until being discharged when they found out he had given false details would not have led to payment of a pension. He certainly became eligible for conscription under the 1916 Military Service Act. I believe Terry is likely to be right in that he became Pte...
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    WW1 hospitals in Birmingham

    Re: WW1 hospitals in Birmingham This may be of interest: https://www.1914-1918.net/southerngen.htm
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    Royal Navy WWI

    Charles' Nicklin's RAF service record is held at the National Archives. It is not online. You would be advised not to hand over money to Forces War Records as they do not have it. Here is the reference: AIR 79/2133/237113
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    WW1 - A family information request...

    Adam, you may have seen that there are four men named as Benjamin Pollard who appear in the index to the WW1 campaign medals, and two more if we include men with middle initials. If your Benjamin went overseas (and assuming he served under his correct name), he will be one of them. Are you sure...
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    Friends of the Centre for First World War Studies

    I am not sure how "alive" the Friends or even the Centre is. Up to about two years ago it was a thriving and very active community, but since then two or three very prominent members of the university staff who were the main drivers of it have either retired or moved elsewhere. A similar thing...
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    Ww1 hospital

    Camiers is next to Etaples. Many of the men who died in the base camp or hospital there are buried in the huge Etaples cemetery. We do not have a War Office - it has long been called the Ministry of Defence - and they do not hold records that will help. You will be wasting a stamp! And, sad to...
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    A Promise kept to a Fallen Soldier 100 years on

    The thing in his pocket is likely to be his paybook. Every man had to keep it there. It was used for issuing his pay, but also carried his vital details - name, number, next of kin, etc. The paybook was used by burial parties to assist in the identification of the man. The photos are super...
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    Pte Harry Cooke, No. 36462 Royal Warwickshire Regt. Honourable discharge

    Pam The Veterans Agency, as mentioned above, will not be able to help. They have no records of men discharged before 1921. Being discharged as he was, Harry will have been granted a disablement pension, even if only for a while. This would be your best bet...
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    A Promise kept to a Fallen Soldier 100 years on

    Pte 1065 Herbert Arculus served with the 3rd Birmingham City Battalion, also known as the 16th (Service) Battalion of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. He was killed in action on the Somme on 26 September 1916 and is buried at the AIF Burial Ground near the village of Flers.
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    Birmingham Pals 16th Battalion Royal Warwicks A/Capt Bernard Gossell Holt

    If it is of any help, his army service record is held at the National Archives in Kew. It is document reference number WO 339/25091.