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    When I was working there in around 1959 the "A" block lifts gates were lattice not quite the same a "B" block but never the less Lattice / Trellis as you put it, I believe they were modernised and enclosed at a later date.
  2. Chris B

    Decimalisation In 1971

    I was one of the team who trained the store staff at the Birmingham Co-Op in High Street Birmingham
  3. Chris B

    Ward End Park

    I don't remember a Police Station the FIRESTATION in the big house
  4. Chris B

    Birmingham Cinemas

    I think the Aston Expressway runs through it
  5. Chris B


    sorry Kevin I don't have any other pics or information as Dad and Sid both died a number of years ago, try the Birmingham reference library more out of hope than anger lol.
  6. Chris B

    Co-op high st bham

    It was called "THE OAK RESTAURANT" when I worked there in the 60s / 70s
  7. Chris B

    Co-op high st bham

  8. Chris B

    These trying times - 2020

    Before the demolition started Myself and a Friend used to visit the building on a Sunday night to see what had been stripped out and what had changed. These items are the original Kalee Regal Arc Lamps that went with the Kalee projectors from when the building opened in 1937, they had been...
  9. Chris B

    Rialto Cinema

    THE RIALTO CINEMA Stratford Road and Greenbank Avenue. The Rialto Cinema was opened on 3rd October 1927 with Constance Talmadge in “Breakfast at Sunrise” and Marcella Albani in “Circus Life”. It was owned by the Springfield Picture Playhouse Ltd. Seating was provided in stalls and circle...
  10. Chris B

    Kingstanding Odeon

    THE ODEON KINGSTANDING Located in Kingstanding, a district near Sutton Coldfield to the north of Birmingham, the Odeon stands on a prominent site at the intersection of several roads. The Odeon opened on 22nd July 1935 with Gary Cooper in "Lives of a Bengal Lancer". The exterior of the building...
  11. Chris B

    Villa Cross Cinema

  12. Chris B

    Odeon Perry Barr

    THE ODEON PERRY BARR. First Pic is the original frontage Second Pic after modernisation Pic Three the foyer
  13. Chris B

    Alum Rock Road Shops

    THE GRAND CINEMA Manager Mr Frank Cozens Stadium type theatre (No suspended Balcony)
  14. Chris B

    Alum Rock Road Shops

    Had a Request from new member John Shaw Hi John, it seems that a lot of the pics on the site have gone for a duck, I think someone hacked into the site or something like that. However hopefully here is the Anthony Road Coronation Pic Hi a few more names to add myself John Shaw Middle Row second...
  15. Chris B

    Birmingham Cinema Managers

    yes it was, I used to go there with my Grandad to see Disneys Cinderella and for the Saturday Matinees, the other side of the shop on the left was a semi covered queuing area where we all waited for 2pm opening. I had to behave myself because my Mother knew the head Usherette