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    Help - trying to find William/John Smith in my family history - it's a bit long!

    I find this very helpful to my tree, as we also have the family of Annie Elizabeth Smith born 1893, in Blakenhall. Walsall. Her father was William Smith her mother`s name formerly Annie Wilkes. The connection I follow is Martha Thompson and William Jones. married in Rushall, Walsall. There...
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    Is this any better?. Cheza
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    Looking for family connection of Jones in Great Barr. W. Helon and wife Annie Elizabeth Jones (Formerly Smith) 1938 Lived in 10 Merrion's close. (Also lived in Australian Arms as a house changed from a PH) not sure of the year. Children, Lil, Ann, Martha, John, Violet, Gladys, Clara, William...