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Recent content by Charlie

  1. Charlie

    Colin Baker

    Very sad news, a lovely chap. My condolences to his partner and family.
  2. Charlie

    The Pen Room Fredrick Street

    I was in the Pen Room on Friday. It's being re-furbished and a lot of the collections are now not on show. They've made a "compulsory" £1 admission fee and when the refurbishment work is completed it will be £5. I do hope this doesn't put people off visiting but.........
  3. Charlie

    Ellerton & Hunt Legge Lane.

    Yes Lyn, that's good news and it looks great. Will try and call in when I'm mobile again (back problems).
  4. Charlie

    Ellerton & Hunt Legge Lane.

    Sad for me Lyn., but thank you for posting
  5. Charlie


    Congratulations to you and all the family Lyn
  6. Charlie

    jewellery quarter pics

    Shortie: I worked for an anodising company in Camden Drive during the mid sixties and those huge vats were all over the shop floor, filled with chemicals. The wires were for "jigging up" the stuff to be anodised and the men all wore rubber aprons, long rubber gloves and wellies. I had to walk...
  7. Charlie

    Lloyds Bank

    Lovely copperplate writing on that note though Dave. Has anyone seen the new TV advertisement for Lloyds Bank? Very obscure, but must have cost a fortune to make and show!!! Good to know they can still afford it.
  8. Charlie

    From Birmingham Post 150 years ago

    I know a few women who'd gladly give £400 to get rid of theirs! Erm ... no offence to the LOVELY husbands on the Birmingham History Forum!!!
  9. Charlie

    AEW badge and merchandise manufacturers

    W.J. Dingley (Now Toye & Co) in Warstone Lane made badges - still do as far as I'm aware. Doesn't help your search for AEW though I'm afraid!
  10. Charlie

    From Birmingham Post 150 years ago

    I just love the flowery language they used then.
  11. Charlie

    The Game

    I'm with you Rosie! I have to record and watch it twice: once to spot the locations and (at least) once to follow the convoluted plot
  12. Charlie

    John Anderton

    Many thanks, have sent you a PM
  13. Charlie

    Lynne webbs birthday meal at the bull

    Seems I have non-viral pneumonia. Well, that'll put an end to my galivanting for a while. Mind. I always was a "monia" and it'll be good to have something "pneu" to monia about! I'll get me coat.
  14. Charlie

    Lynne webbs birthday meal at the bull

    Glad you enjoyed your day Lynne and hope the lamb shank was up to its usual high standard. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and I'm so sorry I couldn't join you all, but I'm really rather poorly and you wouldn't have noticed if I collapsed at the bar (usual scenario)! Mike I'm glad everything was...
  15. Charlie

    New unseen photos of brum

    Just catching up after a week away Lyn. Many thanks for posting these, they're fascinating.