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    Lickey Hills

    Hi gingerjon. I certainly remember going to the Lickeys. The ride on the tram from Aston was absolutely thrilling especially if you had a front, open air seat as the tram rocked and thundered along in the middle of the road. It was as good as any ride at Pat Collins' fair. There's a very good...
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    Summer Lane

    Hi Wendy. I'm new to this forum so have only just seen your message. I lived in Newtown Row at no 258 and the Pursehouse family lived two doors below us. in fact Ken Pursehouse, the son of the family was my best friend during the 40s. He had an older sister whose name I can't remember. Kenny...
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    250 Newtown Row

    Hi mossg. Am new to this so have only just seen your note about 250 Newtown Row. I lived at no 258 {which can't have been far away. 258 was between Cowper Street and Farm Street but can't remember which way the numbers ran. Two doors below us ( on the Cowper St end was a family called...
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    How did they get their names?

    Hi Derrick. I was at HGS in the 50s and there is one reason I remember the Woodbine Tavern. Every two years the music master - Kenneth Page - used to produce a Gilbert & Sullivan opera at the school. I couldn't sing for toffee but always got dragged into the chorus because I was taking music...
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    Handsworth Grammar School 1950--1960

    Hi Michael. Many thanks for posting the school photo. I lost all mine many years ago. After zooming in by about 500 % I managed to find myself. I can't believe I ever looked that young. If anybody has any CCF photos for the 50s I would be really interested to see them.
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    Handsworth Grammar School 1950--1960

    Hello. I was at HGS during the fifties when Holy Joe was the head. The teachers I most remember were Mr West who took us for English in the Sixth Form and who left me with a lasting love of Jane Austen and Mr Page who took us for music. I also remember a physics teacher, whose name escapes me...
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    Midlands Electricity Board MEB

    Hi pjmburns. My dad worked for the MEB during and after the war. For a time he was in charge of a sub-station in either Summer Lane or Alma street near a pub whose name I forget. The MEB had a social club-I think in Moseley- where I learned to play snooker.
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    Forgive me if this the wrong place to put a question but I am new to this. What are the trophy points which are mentioned?
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    Hugh Sumner Convalescent Home Malvern

    Hi Anthea. I did reply to your message but I'm new to this and I gather I sent it on the wrong thread. You must have been at Hugh Sumner the same year as me. I too remember being taken for a walk into Malvern. It was deep snow and they issued us with wellies. As for the food, I remember they...
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    Newtown Row

    I was born in a three-storey council house in Newtown Row - opposite a quite large church (St John's?). Once a week I went with my parents to the sixpenny seats at the local fleapit The Globe Cinema (nearly opposite the Barton Arms.) Once in while, we also went to a rather posher cinema The...
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    Hugh Sumner Convalescent Home Malvern

    Hi Anthea. You must have been there about the same time as me. I too remember a walk into Malvern It was deep snow and they issued us with wellies. I also remember one of the staff who must have been French because very time she came to clear away our plates she said Fini? I also remember...
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    Hugh Sumner Convalescent Home Malvern

    In about 1947 I was sent from a Birmingham hospital to what I believe was called the Hugh Sumner convalescent home in Malvern. does anybody else remember this place?