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Recent content by brenda barr

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    Church Road Aston

    What a nice aerial pic of Aston l was working at Johnny Wrights when that picture was taken and l knew all the roads around that area,
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    The retreat...aston

    The policeman with the big booted feet was right beside Neals shoe reparing on Park Lane...l guess it was an advertisement for come get your shoes repaired,,,,that policemen had been there as far back as l can remember l left Aston in 1958 and it was there then
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    In The Garden 2021

    l guess you have all heard about our winter storm in Texas last week....luckily we managed to keep our water and electricy... my children and g/children all lost power and heat so they all camped out at nanas house ..after being in Texas so many years l do not do cold very well...my...
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    In The Garden 2021

    l live 50miles south of Houston and its been a rough week what with snow ice etc....this is a very rare thing weather wise ...my house was turned into a "Motel" as all my children and g/children lost power and we were the very few people who did'nt luckily we were on the same grid as Dow who...
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    newtown row

    Yes,every Saturday afternoon my brother and l would go to the Globe and watch Flash Gordon,,Hopalong Casssidy etc,then after wards go to the pie shop just down from the Globe and buy a nice hot pie....a few years later l joined the ABC club at the Orient it was a really step up from the Globe...
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    Growing up in Aston l am familiar with lots of sayings and slang...but imagine my shock and surprise when l came to Texas and people say l am wearing my best kakis?? l only new that word has something else...after all these years l still have to smile if only these people knew what l knew it...
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    Burlington St Schools

    Yes that is Mr Eastwood l was in his class around 1946-7 as you say he was strict teacher but a good teacher
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    Is This Your Motor?

    l,ll try once again to answer your question...Rons Berkeley is a 1958 B60 model with a excelsior eng 2Stroke 328cc so far the paint has been stripped off also the frame has been sandblasted oh had new tyres it all takes and money Brenda
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    Is This Your Motor?

    l have no idea about cars etc.....Ron said his Berkeley is a 1958 B60 model with a an excelsior 2 Stroke eng 328cc at the moment hes working on the engine but so far the paint has been stripped off it also Ron has sandplasted the frame, but it all takes time and money....Brenda
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    Is This Your Motor?

    ...l am not only a car widow but have been a plane widow for over 50yrs...now Ron no longer has a plane hes turned to restoring old cars....l can never say hes under foot...Brenda
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    Is This Your Motor?

    My husband Ron has just been offered a Berkley to restore ..hes done quite a lot of work on it BUT parts are so hard to come by..so its question of will it ever get finished in his life time or not....l must admit l have never heard of this car before but thats nothing new..Brenda oh, if he...
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    from one oldum to another l'll raise my glass to you hav e a happy b'day with a wish as big as Texas
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    My dad always would say "its cold enough to freeze the balls of a brass monkey"
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    High Street Aston

    all those pictures make me homesick for my childhood to and for my Aston as l knew it..Brenda
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    my mother always said" ive got a bone to pick with you ", then l knew l was in trouble