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brenda barr's latest activity

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    brenda barr replied to the thread High Street Aston.
    all those pictures make me homesick for my childhood to and for my Aston as l knew it..Brenda
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    brenda barr replied to the thread sayings.
    my mother always said" ive got a bone to pick with you ", then l knew l was in trouble
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    brenda barr reacted to Astoness's post in the thread summer lane morgue with Appreciate Appreciate.
    hi all..took these pics of the old morgue in summer lane the other day...i had completely forgotton it was still there until my sister...
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    l remember my mother Ena b Coates b1906 telling me about the spanish flu, she said in 1918 spent 6 weeks in bed but luckily she got...
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    brenda barr replied to the thread Radio.
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    brenda barr reacted to Nico's post in the thread Childhood Memories with Appreciate Appreciate.
    I so liked it when the Salvation Army played on the street corner on the lead up to Christmas singing carols and they trudged through...
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    brenda barr replied to the thread Coates family.
    My g/father was William Charles Coates...his brother Daniel Coates had the fish and chip shop on Victoria Road also my g/f had a news...
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    brenda barr replied to the thread Birmingham origins.
    l have lived in Texas since 1958 and have never aquired a Texas accent, and still people ask me where l come from as they just love my...