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Recent content by boro keith

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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Pity it was only open for a short time great place to be it was a shame the police had it in for the place
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    Pow Camps

    Is there any truth that there was a POW Camp on Billesley Common and the prisoners help build my old school Grendon Road and the prefabs at the Maypole
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    Women war workers of Birmingham

    Thanks the Highgate Sq would seem to make sense as she would talk about sreens
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    Women war workers of Birmingham

    Can anyone help I believe my mother worked for a company called something like Perfector working on Mosquitoes does anyone have any information please
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    The Valley pub, Billesley

    That clinic brings back a lot of bad memories the school dentist operated from there he was a little Scots man and I will never forget his approach to nervous children it went something like if you dont stop crying I will give you something to cry about, how times have changed.
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    Alex Hoopers Dance Hall. Stratford Road Sparkhill

    Re: Alex Hooprers DanceHall. Stratford Road Sparkhill There was a dance hall above Burtons in the 60s and if I remmember right it was called the Star Dance Club went there a few times for dance lessons
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    The cane at school

    Bishop Challoners on the late 50s early 60s had a wide range of inflicting pain to name a few, cane, pump, board ruler, board rubber, ruler and a slap of the hand. Both boys and girls were treated with the same punishments the Head Master had a punishment book but none of the punishments that...
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    Original Mods From The Middle 60s

    Hi Steve, only went to the Riitz a few times due to work commitments but did work there more times as a roadie do you remember a boutique in Kings Heath opposite the Co-OP Keith
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    Snow Hill (the Road)

    Yes I remember it well as a child it seemed large. It was red with a large dial with letters and numbers round the outside annd you turned a hand to point at te letter or number you wanted and pulled a lever. It would take some time to stamp your name on the metal strip. I have seen one recently...
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    Miles Street

    Hi John yes you are right it was in Bordesly area. If you type Elm Grove in the top search box which ran off Miles Street you will find maps and photos of the area keith
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    E57 Social Club

    Thank you Colin that as answered alot of questions and some of the names I can remember My father Len Shaw used to run the xmas diglem club and organize trips to London and Blackpool Keith l
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    Oxo cubes

    The thing i remember about oxo as a kid in the 40/50s is when money was short we would have a cup of oxo with dry bread it did fill a hole in your tummy Keith
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    E57 Social Club

    Thanks Colin I feel that working mens clubs are really important to our social history but so few have their history recorded Keith
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    E57 Social Club

    Does anyone have any detail on the history of this club I believe E57 was the name of the WW11 Fire Wardens for the area. It would be nice to know if this is correct who the land was brought off the founder members etc. Hope someone can help thanks Keith
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    Smells Of The Past

    Not living in Brum now my mind sometimes drifts back to the days I lived there. People may think that its images that spring to mind or pubs and clubs that you used. Maybe this is the case for some people but for me its the smell of suds oil as you walked past factories or when my father came...