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  1. bobsummers

    Whisky A Go Go

    Can send me a personal message with your phone number and e mail so I can let you know the next Whiskey meet up. Bobby
  2. bobsummers

    Whisky A Go Go

    Yes that's correct but have not seen Bobb Alcock for years and was not at Leo's funeral
  3. bobsummers

    Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos

    Well done Vic now can you add the details School year, names. You should be able to add script info and then down load the photo via attached files. Your efforts àre appreciated and 5he history invaluable.
  4. bobsummers

    old football photo

    This great photo and their history would probably be better placed in Birmingham Schools Football History and photos.
  5. bobsummers


    Hi if my memory serves me well it was the Anderton Family. Quite a posh house and one of the few houses that had a telephone. Mr and Mrs Anderton had a daughter and son but I can't remember there names. But that could have been no.25. Are you related to Marlon who lived at no. 27?
  6. bobsummers

    Dennis Road Secondary Modern Boys School

    Hi Trevor thanks for putting the record strait, I was never sure of Ian going to our school. Regards to you
  7. bobsummers

    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    I believe it was called the Bellaire night club. Great place but sticky worn carpets caused you to stick to the bar areas.
  8. bobsummers

    St Michaels RC School Floodgate Street

    Hi John you got me canned by Joe Parker because I was talking to you at our desk do you remember? Sad news is that John Mullen has been ill lately in Ireland, informed by a neighbour. Still in touch with Michael Ward whos now a farmer on the west coast of Ireland as well. Regards to you.
  9. bobsummers

    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    By God I think your train of thought is correct Mike.
  10. bobsummers

    Whisky A Go Go

    Micky I do believe a book could be written about those times and the people of those iconic times even a film or TV series. Any way Bugsy has organised another reunion on the 10th of December at The Old Contemptible Pub in Livery St. down the side of Snowhill Station from 2pm onwards. About 100...
  11. bobsummers

    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Hi all there seems to be one club on here that's never been mentioned. The Mews Club in Moseley. It may have lasted 18 months in total but what was unusual was that they gave you a meat and potato pie when you paid your entrance fee in and around 1967ish.
  12. bobsummers

    Dennis Road Secondary Modern Boys School

    Hi Phil a bit late but the teacher back row on the left is our headmaster Mr Griffin.
  13. bobsummers

    City Centre Photographs

    What a grate pleasure it is to see all these old photos of our city centre, thanks a lot for all your photo postings.
  14. bobsummers

    Cadbury's Bournville Factory

    Sticher its a great photo of what they called the "Crush Hall" which is a corridor built on steel stilts and brick that runs across your photo, it stretched from Bourneville lane to Q block where the printers where it must have been nearly half a mile long and at 7.42am and 4.42pm you would know...
  15. bobsummers

    Birmingham Schools Football History / & photos

    Sorry to mention thisCDJ, but this is for Schools football teams of the past, there is another thread for Birmingham Amateur football teams that I suggest you need to transfer too. I do like your photos CJD but its always more interesting to have names and details of the dates and leagues they...