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    I always pronounce it as Smethick.
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    BHF Summer Meet Up...... On the Day

    Very nice to meet some of you today.I was a bit late due to circumstances beyond my control but I enjoyed every minute.Regards,BobS.
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    Soho Road Handsworth

    Why have you got a picture of the Salutation pub which was in Alma Street in Aston on this article.It totally threw me and I had to look amongst my pictures to find out where it was.
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    Uffculme Open Air School

    Re: did any one go to uffculme open air school, think it was either Moseley or Kings My son used to go to Uffculme school a few years ago so I do know a little about it but I have lately bought a book called 'A Breath of fresh air' by Francis Wilmot and Pauline Saul and I think it tells you...
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    The Woodman

    It was my favourite pub when it was run by Jim and Mary Gilnagh and he kept the best pint of Tetleys bitter you could get anywhere and he was a non-drinker.I used to work at Sankeys next door to the pub and it was always my first port of call on my way home.
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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Re: Birmingham Nighclubs of the Past- Memories Saw Bo Diddley there many moons ago!!The Cedar club,that is.
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    C brandaurs is saved...

    Fantastic news!!!!
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    Birmingham Pevsner Architectural Guides by Andy Foster

    You need to get ' Birmingham by Andy Foster' which is a follow on from Pevsner and is just about Brum rather than the whole of Warks.Regards BobS.
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    city centre pub!

    It sounds to me as if it could have been the Fox and Grapes on Park St./Freeman St.corner.
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    I remember when I was just about sixteen years old and worked in Browne's garage in Frank Street in Balsall Heath,just above Dare's brewery,and I used to do M.O.T.s ,this was in the early sixties, and almost every vehicle that came in for the test failed on the brakes or tyres.I used to drive...
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    Alldays & Onions

    The truck looks like a Standard Atlas.
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    Birmingham Pevsner Architectural Guides by Andy Foster

    I do have Pevsners Warwickshire and would be happy to look for anything you want and post it.
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    Holders Brewery

    Alas,Nova Scotia Street is no more!!
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    Couldn't agree more.I first went there in early 1960 when I worked at Henry Shaws' in Birchill street.The sos and tom then was a shilling and I think the dips were tuppence.He use to sell lots of dips to the men who were staying at Rowton House and sometimes when the weather was a bit parky you...