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Recent content by Bob Davis

  1. Bob Davis

    Windows 10

    I have an old ipad, which I only use for searching Google, but latterly every time I put a search in a message from Google comes up wanting me to accept their offer of the adverts I see etc, etc. As far as I am concerned on this tablet I am happy to accept, but when I press I accept, nothing...
  2. Bob Davis

    Give us yer donny

    de la bouche du cheval. Merci Monsieur Bob
  3. Bob Davis

    Occupations - Disappeared

    In the period 1945 to 1950, we had horse and cart deliveries by Co OP milk and bread, coal, co op and a couple of others , LMS and GWR parcels and holiday suitcase collection, the last one I can remember was Handsworth Dairies with their smaller carts and smaller horses. Then there were none Bob
  4. Bob Davis

    Occupations - Disappeared

    They do Timpsons with High Street and supermarket outlets still have shoe repair key cutting and sometimes dry cleaning operations. In your time in the UK they were shoe shops. Bob
  5. Bob Davis

    Salford bridge

    A Hillman Imp? BOB
  6. Bob Davis

    Childhood Memories

    When the houses in Court Lane, Erdington where built just before WWII, they all had a coal house just outside the kitchen with the back gate coming between the kitchen wall and the coal house, so that the coalman could come up the entry between the houses and tip straight into it. When I have...
  7. Bob Davis


    Ray, superb pictures, what I saw was the peace that there is down on the canal, above you the bustle and hubbub of the junction, on the canal, peace and calm. Mind you coming off the Grand Union and turning to port, or right, onto the Birmingham and Fazely in a 72foot boat was...
  8. Bob Davis


    Was that Queens Road off Slade Road? If so my nan lived at number 20. When she was 94 I had to drive her all over Spaghetti Junction, did about 50 plus miles in the company car at 6pence per mile Bòb
  9. Bob Davis

    Where is this?

    Lloyd Thank you M'Lud Pedro Thank You I realise now that in my earlier years and even to-day, I have been and still am a bit of a puffer. Its called 'gilding the lily'-one carefull lady owner - a vicars wife, time to reform I think and tell it as it is, but to both of you thanks for the...
  10. Bob Davis

    Where is this?

    Picture was taken 1957/58, exact date unknown. Bob
  11. Bob Davis

    Where is this?

    What was the senseless system of 'Puffing' Bob
  12. Bob Davis

    Commonwealth Games, Birmingham 2022

    Presumably compulsory purchase and the people had no option but to probably take the loss and find somewhere else, was there an outcry about it? Bob
  13. Bob Davis

    City Centre Photographs

    Thanks Lloyd Bob
  14. Bob Davis

    Occupations - Disappeared

    Do comptometer operators still exist? Bob
  15. Bob Davis

    City Centre Photographs

    I have to admit, for the first time in my life I am embarrassed by all your appreciations for three terrible photos, I hope Robt will share the appreciations with me, he cleaned them up. Again thank you all but DavidGrain could you enlarge on the Worcester Street gabled houses. Where they...