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    Ward St off Bracebridge St Aston.

    Thank you for answers i haven't been to the Aston area for many years very surprised Ward St is still there. I was born in Blews St near Lancaster Bridge in 1937.
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    brearley street newtown.

    Hi Astoness i lived in Ward St off Brearly St and worked for Elkingtons.
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    Aston, Lozells & Witton Photos Reposted

    Hi Lyn the pub you mensioned was the Golden Cross i used to work for Ansells in the 60S and used to drink in the Golden Cross HAPPY MEMORIES.
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    Bracebridge Street

    Hi Sylviasyers My father and mother in law kept the Vine pub in Bracebridge St in the 50s There NAMES WERE JACK and Leah Conboy.The pawn shop was facing the pub and the traffic lights was on the corner of Aston Rd.
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    Restaurants In Birmingham 1960s

    I remember the Chinese restaurant called the Green Dragon on the corner of James Watt St and Corparation St.
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    High Street Aston

    You a;so had Zissmans clothes shop opposite the BRMB studios
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    Aston, Lozells & Witton Photos Reposted

    I think the GEC was on Witton road.
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    Pubs And Clubs Of The 70s And 80s

    Does anyone remember the Red Lion in old meeting St
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    High Street Aston

    I used to have all my suits tailor made at Goulds tailors50's60's
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    Ward St off Bracebridge St Aston.

    I left Kingstanding in 1940 when I was 3years of age and moved into Ward St with a couple named Bob and Molly Wallace does anyone know of them.
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    newtown 1967

    I lived in John St the other side of Newtown Row i the late 40's 50's..
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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    You also had Edwards 7 and eight clubs. the Rock pub in new Canal St The black cat Newtown row Aston