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    Last Orders For Tetleys

    Haha I like the sound of that! Any luck with the inventing? Nice to find a bit of nostalgia for Tetley's on here. I lived in Leeds for a bit during my University days and I got quite accustomed to waking up to the smell of hops wafting over to my student halls. It is such a shame that...
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    triumph & bsa motor bikes

    Agreed mwO, it would be nice to have a few pics back. Admittedly this isn't my photo - I have an old photo that I need to scan in - but I had one of these beauts back in the day, wish I kept it now but that's easy to say in retrospect. Absolute gem of a bike, lived up to the BSA reputation of a...
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    Products That Have Faded Away

    haha bolster pillows, that brings back memories! You can still find them fairly easily mind, they just don't seem to be "en vogue" so much these days. Wierldy though, they appear to still be quite popular over on the continent. Have had the good fortune to visit France and Italy a few times in...
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    Christmas Presents

    The present I remember most vividly was a little pedal go-kart in the shape of Noddy's car. It was a tiny little thing really but at the time I could fit in it and I thought it was huge! Had many a fun hour playing in that car :) Apparently though, when I first got it I was far more interested...
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    British Pathe

    That Pathe site is such a fantastic resource! It's great that such an archive is so easily accessible. I can't get enough of watching old newsreel footage but I've never seen it all in one place like this. Great site! Thanks a lot Les!
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    Drews Lane Factory Washwood Heath

    The demolishing of our old factories has been something that has really bothered me in years gone by and it is great to see that there are other people who feel the same way. It was really nice to hear about the reopening of JW Evans earlier this year. A lot of these buildings are relics from...
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    Villa Memories Tom 'Pongo' Waring

    That is a really sad tale Trog. My granddad still talks for hours about the old Villa legends and Pongo Waring is a frequent feature. Great thread though, it's nice to hear that the legend lives on here on BH!
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    You don't find Jellied Eels much anymore do you? I remember my great aunt used to absolutely live for them! Is it just in London that their are numbers are suffering or is it a nationwide issue?