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    Growing Up In Brum - Roy Blakey Inspired.

    Watch it! you'll catch "The Fever"
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    Memories of a Birmingham Musician (Drummer)!

    Hi Eddie, John and Gillie Coghlan are good friends of mine and he is still playing with his band John Coghlans Quo. He has done a European tour for the last 2 years, back with Status Quo including Alan Lancaster the original bass player. To me that is the best ever Status Quo lineup, it...
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    Rememberance sunday in birmingham 9th of november

    We were in Birmingham city centre about midday on Sunday and was surprised at the number of people not wearing poppies. I would hazard a guess at around 1-2% with poppies, this was after the main event but even so seemed very poor.
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    Brummie sayings & language

    Bones were collected and sold to manufacturers of bone handle knives and pipes etc.
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    Courtyards and yards of brum

    Was the lavender polish called "Ronuk"?
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    The corner sweet shop

    We would say to the local "chippy", Got any chips left? Well that's your fault for frying too many!
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    Swimming Lessons

    I got my free pass at Monument Rd for swimming 1 length. We used to drink Cow & Gate or Horlicks after the session, I can't remember which! Also having to step into some kind of disinfectant before going into the pool (must have had foot and mouth), and sometimes having to hire those trunks that...
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    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Anyone remember the DJ at the Alhambra called Dave Terrry?
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    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Yes of course! Very painful if your fingers got in the way.
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    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Crude method of castration perhaps?
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    Coffee shop John Bright Street 1950-60's

    Looks like "Venezia" (Venice)
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    Street furniture

    It amazes me that most shops had their goods protected only by a pane of glass. I can remember looking at watches in the jewelers window, couldn't be done now. I once went to a party were they had a full and working cigarette machine on the sofa. I didn't ask any questions!
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    Street furniture

    Am I imagining it, but did some cigarette machines sell packets in 19's instead of 20's if they cost more than half a crown for 20?
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    Street furniture

    I started smoking after finding an Irish half crown in my change and me and a pal (both non smokers) decided to put it in a cigarette machine outside a shop at the top of Shakespeare rd, I think the cigarettes were called Sterling. It took me about 25 years to quit the habit.