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    Black Country Museum

    Make sure you do Simon, I have no idea how many Guys are likely to turn up but it should be a pleasant day.:unconscious:
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    Black Country Museum

    I will be there to Simon, there should be around five ex West Bromwich buses there. I hope you enjoy it.
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    The Early Days of The Bus Museum At Wythall

    Stans sudden death was a huge shock to all, he was a very knowledgeable chap especially thing Midland Red and also tramways and there are many buses and trams that are adorned with his art. He had a good sense of humour too. The Transport Group at the Black country Living Museum intended to take...
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    I too have a bit of a fascination with the pieces made there, in fact a few years back we bought two pieced of Ruskin at an auction in Stourbridge, a large fruit bowl which is used for it's intended purpose and matching small vase which is slightly chipped , I can't remember what we paid for...
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    Black Country Museum

    I would leave it until the spring Bernard :)
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    Black Country Museum

    Hello Simon, as one of the Transport Group members at the BCLM perhaps I can explain exactly what is happening. I don't want to comment about the trams as all that can be said has been said. The trolley buses should be back in operation in the spring , they would not normally be in operation...
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    The Rubber Shop in Smethwick

    Ethel M Voss is also listed in the 1951 Kelly's directory.
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    T.D.Cross & Sons Ltd

    I'm fairly certain they made bottom bracket sets for the cycle industry and no doubt other parts too.
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    The Early Days of The Bus Museum At Wythall

    Apparently Stans transfers adorn many preserved buses, he also painted the Dudley Zoo advert onto the D9.
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    The Early Days of The Bus Museum At Wythall

    Hello Simon, I have just re-read my post and what I really meant was I would love a ride in a D7 as opposed to a D9, the later of which I had had a few rides in and drove one last year around the Black Country Museum's site, I'm occasionally let loose with one of the trolleybuses too!! I had...
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    The Early Days of The Bus Museum At Wythall

    Interesting photographs, I was suprised that some of the buses were in such good condition way back then, or at least they look in good condition, I know looks can be very deceptive! The D7 was a bus that never really fell into my favourite category, the D9 did but thats another story but I...
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    Lightwoods Park, Bearwood

    Lovely memories, this is about the same era when I used to play in it, up to about 1957. The pool was a health hazard though!
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    Snow Hill Station

    I never like travelling through Snow Hill Station, as I can well remember it when it was a busy vibrant place but I suppose what remains is better than nothing. When we visit Birmingham, from Stourbridge, we tend to go through to Moor Street a station that I never knew as a spotter/student of...
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    Falcon Cycles Smethwick

    OK Wendy, well he definitely had good taste when it came to choosing a nice lightweight racer! Incidently I sold mine in about 1968 to a colleague who had it resprayed white my a well known West Bromwich bike builder by the name of Major Nichols.