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Recent content by Bill Boyd

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    Wills Street

    was the flats been done now.
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    HAPPY 90TH COOKIE273UK (eric)

    ive not been on for a long time but great time for happy birthday
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    They Were Caught In Our Old Street Pics...

    Kids in them days had to wear hand downs so that might be why they don't fit
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    The cane at school

    I got the cane at upper Thomas St, I can't remember what for but I no it hurt.
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    Great photograph.
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    Wills Street

    Cheers Lozellian, i no they say you shouldnt go back. But i liked it round that way.
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    Wills Street

    Dam, i was looking forward to looking at one of those flats.
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    Aston, Lozells & Witton Photos Reposted

    Great photograph.
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    St Barnabas Churchyard

    This is misleading John Knight, as the article you provide a link to is SEVEN years old ! ie 14th October 2012 !
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    Wills Street

    Hello Astoness , I was involved in building work, and as an Irish fella, i lived where there were plenty of Irish people, most of my time around that arer i lived in wretham road, also hunters road, it was a good place for pubs to.
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    Wills Street

    I wouldnt mind to go and live back that way if i could get a flat in the new building.
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    Convention Centre & Broad Street - historic photos

    It made me shudder looking at the Broad Street photographs, realising how close it was to The Registry office and getting married there arghhhhhhh.
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    Wills Street

    Can you put the map on here so we can see it .
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    Pubs of Hockley/Newtown

    Why would an M and B pub have an Ansells sign over it ? strange.
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    Not as young as you were ?

    I think i am one of those lucky people who is still fit even at my age .