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    Beamish Road, Small Heath

    Hi Walshann, I went with Roy to see the Beatles at the Odeon! That takes me back a bit...
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    Bolton Road, Small Heath

    I remember the scrap yard. It was between the Horse and Jockey on the corner of Miles Street and the railway bridge with the old green Victorian urinal underneath. It was on the right hand side of Bordesley Park Road going up toward Bolton Road from the Cov. It's name? We just called it the...
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    Small Heath Streets

    I think there is a thread re Ashley Street already on this site.
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    New library.

    This week's The Spectator magazine in the arts section has an article entitled Second city blues. It carries a superb photo from inside the library, and says, regarding the new library: "...it's rather refreshing that for once, such a prestigious building in such a prime site is being used to...
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    Pubs in Tyseley

    Oops sorry I can see that's already been mentioned above.
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    Pubs in Tyseley

    What about The Greet, wasn't that in Tyesley?
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    Masons pop factory

    Mason's Super Jaff - now there's a memory. It was so orange it would set a Geiger counter off. Use to get it at the outdoor in Bordesley Park Road, Small Heath. Was it 11d or 1/3d?
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    Arthur Street, Small Heath

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    Bordesley Park Road

    Hi mhemery, great photos! Looking at the bridge pic 0025, I don't recall the metal one in the 50's. Then, what once stood where the billboard is?
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    Bordesley Park Road

    Is the grocers: Patricks
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    Tamworth field trainspotting

    If I remember correctly it was 1/10d return from New Street to Tamworth. One of the cries I recall was "Double on the Clanger!" I watched the Royal Train double-headed screaming through. Pulled by Duchess of Sutheralnd and Duchess of Hamilton.
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    Who remembers the "Miskin Men"?

    I remember the term Miskin Jumping when kids jumped in the bin to make room for more rubbish. It may have been the term too for the bin in which vegetable peelings were put for the pigs; more commonly known as the pig bin.
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    28 bus route

    Yeh, but what about the 28A ?
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    28 bus route

    The 28 came up from town through Digbeth and Deritend, turned left under Bordesley Station bridge, went down Coventry Road, turned right by the Old Lodge pub into Bordesley Park Road, then along Bolton Road toward Small Heeth Park. From the corner of Bordesley Park Road to Oakley Road was a...
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    Birmingham - 140 ways of spelling its name

    If every word had that many ways of spelling, I would never have had the whack at school. Its not so much the spelling but the pronounciation that gets me. The number of people who say Birningham with a n instead of m is remarkable. Ofishal word speling chump.