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  1. Barr_Beacon

    Newman Tonks - Newtown

    Steve, was your father George Matthews? George was a really nice bloke who worked in the Briton stores and often had me in stitches. Sorry Steve, It was George Rogers I was thinking of. (Is there a way of deleting posts if errors have been made?)
  2. Barr_Beacon

    city centre pubs

    I first went to The Costermonger when I had a 'Saturday Job' at Littlewoods near to the pub in the early '70s. I loved the pub and the music played there (fantastic choice of music on the small juke box and good dj's). It had a small stuffed bear on the bar, an air shuttle game and an electronic...
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    Happy birthday, Lyn.
  4. Barr_Beacon

    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    Wasn't the same road as Bingley Hall but Barbarella's was nearby in Cumberland Street. A lot of bands performed there.
  5. Barr_Beacon

    Farm Street Hockley

    Crikey Lyn, I didn't notice the ladders on the right!
  6. Barr_Beacon

    Farm Street Hockley

    Apologies if this photograph is already on the forum (I have searched the Farm St thread and could not find it) but I think it is worth posting: Villa Street - Farm Street Hockley Birmingham - The White Swan 1964
  7. Barr_Beacon

    Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

    I can now reveal it was, Ann George. I'm joking, it was actually John Forgeham, who played Jim Baines, who I think was a mechanic in the soap. He was quite an accomplished actor; he was one of Michael Caine's gang in The Italian Job and he was in one of the scariest play's ever shown (it was to...
  8. Barr_Beacon

    The Clements

    The Clements Arms has now being renamed 'The Row Tavern'. Although it's only a name change can't help feeling another bit of the old Brum has been disposed of.
  9. Barr_Beacon

    The Times Furnishing Building, New Street.

    My jaw dropped when I saw this photograph on 'The Old Pics of Brum' on Facebook. I've never seen it before and it's astonishing! It was taken during Birmingham's Wings for Victory Week 1943 (Photo: Brumpic on Twitter). Wings For Victory weeks were held across the country beginning in March 1943...
  10. Barr_Beacon

    Newman Tonks - Newtown

    Me too but sometimes that can prove to be a blessing!
  11. Barr_Beacon

    Newman Tonks - Newtown

    Thank you for your kind comments, Lyn! Funny isn't it, you can go through life but memories of certain people and places remain clear as crystal.
  12. Barr_Beacon

    Newman Tonks - Newtown

    My word, the memories are coming back now. There was a really nice Irishman called Kim who worked in the Goods In on Hospital Street, I believe he was a talented musician who played in a band (there was also a chap called Danny Williams who was supposed to be an amazing guitarist). Norman...
  13. Barr_Beacon

    Newman Tonks - Newtown

    Hi Roger You certainly stirred some memories for me! Harry Fowkes was my foreman (were they called supervisors in the late seventies?) when I worked in the Repair Shop on Hospital Street behind the canteen / social club. I remember Ken Wingfield (he was in charge the Spray Shop) and the Clarke...
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    Thought I would share what I've recently found, a complete list of Davenport's pubs and outdoors, I didn't realise what a wide area the brewery covered. http://breweryhistory.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_Davenport%27s_Brewery_Ltd._pubs
  15. Barr_Beacon

    Parisian Club Cannon Street

    This photograph brought back memories of the cold wet rain filled autumns / winters of the seventies. Note The Foster Brothers tartan jacket (complete with nylon wool) the chap on the right is wearing. I spent quite a few weekends in this pub. In the eighties Davenport's bought it and renamed it...