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  1. Barr_Beacon

    Bracebridge Street

    I loved playing on that old engine!
  2. Barr_Beacon

    Commonwealth Games, Birmingham 2022

    I travelled by bus through Perry Barr by bus on Monday, first time in several years. The congestion was a pain. I remember as a child watching the flyover, the flats on Birchfield Road and the underpass being built in the mid-sixties. Apologies for being negative but I really do think Birmingham...
  3. Barr_Beacon

    Commonwealth Games, Birmingham 2022

    That tram has been used more times than the ones they dug up the city centre for ;)
  4. Barr_Beacon

    Nelson Pub c. 1970

    That's the one. From what I remember, the bar / counter was shaped like the side of a warship from Nelson's era.
  5. Barr_Beacon

    Public Eye_1960s TV series

    As a child in the '60s I remember watching this. It had a haunting theme music and for one series was set in Birmingham and starred Alfred Burke as the private detective, Frank Marker...
  6. Barr_Beacon

    Birmingham Cinemas

    Fingers crossed... https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/electric-cinema-reopen-before-christmas-22036806
  7. Barr_Beacon

    Birmingham Cinemas

    My father would take me to The Cartoon Picture House (The Jacey) in Station Street in the mid sixties. The funny thing was as well as showing Looney Tunes cartoons, it used to show Flash Gordan (with Buster Crabbe) and Batman which were 'shorts' and shown as a series and The Three Stooges. All...
  8. Barr_Beacon

    Birmingham Cinemas

    The News Theatre, Birmingham... http://cinematreasures.org/theaters/49047
  9. Barr_Beacon

    Birmingham Cinemas

    ...and there's more... https://www.jncohen.net/JaceyGroup/JosephCohen.htm https://www.jncohen.net/JaceyGroup/JaceyCinemasLtd.htm
  10. Barr_Beacon

    Birmingham Cinemas

    Look at what I found... https://www.britishpathe.com/video/new-cinephone-opened-aka-the-cinephone-cinema-birm
  11. Barr_Beacon

    Pollyanna's, Newhall Street

    I always liked the music in Pollyanna's. This is from the 70's, sorry I cant be more specific when:
  12. Barr_Beacon

    St Chads Schools

    Crikey, those photographs have taken my breath away! I can still remember my father leading me up Brearley Street from Newtown Row with a scarf wrapped around my face because of the thick smog. I can still smell the metal in the 'air' and hear the regular beat of the machines from the...
  13. Barr_Beacon

    College Arms College Road Kingstanding

    Thanks for getting back to me, Alan. The bloke I knew was a couple of years older than me and other than football, I didn't really know him. I was a regular in The College up until 1981 and I don't recall seeing him around then.
  14. Barr_Beacon

    College Arms College Road Kingstanding

    I used to play football with a Steve Roydes (Rhodes?) in the park off College Road, close to Twickenham Road. I think he worked as a taxi driver for a while.
  15. Barr_Beacon


    The Grapevine https://www.closedpubs.co.uk/warwickshire/birmingham_b3_grapevine.html