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  • Barr_Beacon
    Barr_Beacon reacted to Yvonne B's post in the thread Parisian Club Cannon Street with Appreciate Appreciate.
    Yes it was up Needless Alley off New Street. It was a pub with a DJ. You went downstairs to it and then it was on two levels. I spent...
  • Barr_Beacon
    Barr_Beacon replied to the thread Newman Tonks - Newtown.
    Steve, was your father George Matthews? George was a really nice bloke who worked in the Briton stores and often had me in stitches...
  • Barr_Beacon
    Barr_Beacon reacted to JohnJames's post in the thread city centre pubs with Appreciate Appreciate.
    It was the Outrigger before it became the Ship Ashore. Opened around 1968/69 I believe. I went there a lot in 69/70. We always went into...