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Recent content by Banjo

  1. Banjo

    In The Garden 2021

    First flowers to bloom in my garden. At this particular time these little chaps are most welcome and I know that the winter is coming to an end.
  2. Banjo

    Decimalisation In 1971

    I was working on the 58-60 buses the day we went decimal. On the day before it cost 1/1d from the Wheatsheaf to town. On D-Day it was set at 5.5P but, the number of people who offered me 13P ( incorrectly assuming 13P equals 1/1d ) was unbelievable. I had to explain that 13P was in fact 2/8d! I...
  3. Banjo

    Park Lane...Aston

    If acceptable, here is two familiar photos on the website I've merged for a panorama shot of Potters Lane/Park Lane but without that annoying "GIVE WAY" sign.
  4. Banjo


    Great to see this photo. Kings is where I bought my Wife's engagement ring in December 1964
  5. Banjo


    What a great thread STEVEBHx. A couple of months ago I was going to post in the corner shop thread a memory of this building that used to be a shop. It's on the corner of Bordesley Green & Imperial Road. In the late 60s when I was working on the 53 & 54 buses, we used to stop at this shop to get...
  6. Banjo

    Charles Winn (valves) Ltd

    Nice to get some 1960s info from John Wharton and that debbpic got some answers. As previously said, I only started in 1974 so would not recognise any of those names (apart from Roy Hattersley).
  7. Banjo

    Clifton Road School Sparkbrook

    I don't think so Nahm, in fact I don't remember having any sports while I was there. Only exercise we had was P.E in the hall & running around in the playground.
  8. Banjo

    who likes 1920 and 30s 40s music

    Al Bowlly all day long.
  9. Banjo

    who likes 1920 and 30s 40s music

    Love 20s 30s music. I remember The Temperance Seven had a hit in 1961 with Pasadena. I've been to see Brandyn Shaw many times because he does a great Al Bowlly act.
  10. Banjo

    Alma Street, Six Ways, Aston

    For some reason I knew those as spanish sticks.
  11. Banjo

    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    I'm waiting for my 1st jab. My phone always shows "number withheld" when I have a Doctor's/Hospital call so I always answer those. Strangely, so does my Sister's calls and she says she doesn't know why. The 11 digit calls that show I always ignore unless they respond to the answerphone and I...
  12. Banjo

    Scams: Telephone, email, texts, other 2021

    Had a recorded scam yesterday. "armet??? is going to be deduct [sic] by tomorrow from your account. Please press 1 if you have any queries" Needless to say I didn't press 1 and that number has now been blocked. I found a website a couple of months ago: Who Called Me? ( who-called.co.uk ). You...
  13. Banjo

    Help With Locating An Image Please

    Just to underwrite this thread, I think oldMohawk was right with his blue spot (#7). If RobT doesn't mind me using his map, I would like to point out that the red arrow is where I think the photo #1 was taken from. Although I don't remember that building as Charles Winn premises, the building on...
  14. Banjo

    Fifties Food

    Just came across this very short thread "Fifties Food" from 2012. Had a good chuckle to post #6. Some of the foods I remember eating in the early 50s which makes me wince now was sugar sprinkled on bread & margarine, lard (not dripping) spread on dry bread, eating pomegranates with a pin...
  15. Banjo

    Long gone shops

    Any electronic/radio parts I needed would usually be bought from Hurst St. There were quite a few shops up there but, I can't recall any names.