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  1. anvil man

    Cadbury's Bournville Factory

    Didn't realise I was using this piece of Cadbury's advertising , a coaster ,on my bedroom side cupboard for my early morning cup of tea until I thought it needed a clean!!!
  2. anvil man

    Handsworth Technical School

    Garden Gerald.... Do I understand form your Post 370 you were a pupil at Handsworth Tech ?
  3. anvil man

    Bus Tokens

    I remember using the tokens for the bus journey from Selly Oak to Handsworth Tech during perhaps 1952 and then to all the inter tech football matches on Saturdays. These were then superceded by a blue cardboard pocket-size pass issued at the Council House. Then , in perhaps 1953 the amount of...
  4. anvil man

    Selly Oak Hospital

    Thank you Viv for your favourable comments, however, I am anvil man and have been on the Forum for a few years now. When the provider changed I became slightly confused with the set up and experimented with the new system, hence the appearance of the different name. I seem to have come to...
  5. anvil man

    Key hill

    Some of the older members will surely remember that sparrows generally refrained from pecking at freshly immerging peas in the veg garden. If they were somewhat of a pest then 4 or 5 strands of black cotton would deter them, no trouble !! Not so nowadays . I have to put wire netting over my...
  6. anvil man

    Forum Donations

    PayPal confirmed my donation went through
  7. anvil man

    Birmingham's Image And Status

    A few years ago I worked as a car park attendant on a holiday beach near Pembroke. Many visitors were from Birmingham ,as judged by their accent, and as a Brummie myself could almost detect the side of Birmingham they were from. I'd ask those, who looked happy enough to be asked, where did they...
  8. anvil man

    Cadbury's Bournville Factory

    When my late mother worked in the Export Office during the 1950s she told me that great care had to be taken not to direct chocolate exports onto Israeli or Palestinian ships going to either's home destination. Trade must have been (and still maybe at the present time) a nightmare to organise.
  9. anvil man


    During the war I used to repair my shoes using material from a rubber conveyor belt I found in the local river. I used a last and fixed the sole with small brads but often these protruded to the inside leading to sore feet !! Trimming the rubber was a problem resulting in very rough edges ...
  10. anvil man

    City Farms 1950-2000

    Looking at the artist's impression of a "farm" in Birmingham, it seems that it is a market garden being suggested. Surely a farm is more than a market garden.
  11. anvil man

    City Farms 1950-2000

    I readily remember Lucas's farm alongside Bournville Lane / Cob Lane until its demolition for the building of the new police complex probably in the 1960s. Opposite that the Wagon Works offices were built maybe in the late 1950s. As a school boy in the 1947/48 period I went potato picking on...
  12. anvil man

    Air raid shelters

    The air raid shelter we had at the bottom of the garden suffered from ground water seepage , hence needing a small sump in which to insert a bucket. Now that's rising damp!!!
  13. anvil man

    The Birmid

    Some of those attending the Reunion at the Stag and Three Horseshoes on the 9th December
  14. anvil man

    Restoring Britain's Landmparks - the Landmark atrust

    Regarding free advertising for the Landmark Trust, this cannot compare to the advertising for celebrities interviewed on The One Show on BBC 1 get promoting their new books , films, theatre etc..
  15. anvil man

    Have your taste buds changed over the years?.

    I can remember during War time venturing into mom's pantry ( do you remember those dark places?) and finding a brown paper bag with strange contents. On asking ,my mother told me the contents were candied peel. I was not allowed to try a piece ,mother telling me that we had got to keep it in...