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Recent content by Anne Jessel

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    West Brom Baths Question

    It looks so pretty "Bluebell Wood aka Bunny's Wood" https://www.homeview.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/sotshole/intro.htm
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    West Brom Baths Question

    The Fairy Ring was situated on the edge of the golf course and confirmed by my siste, it was a small copse of trees. At this moment in time we think it should still be there - can't find reason for the trees to be cut down or built over being so close to the golf course. My sister has recently...
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    West Brom Baths Question

    Re: Forge Lane and Churchfields I was brought up and lived very close to these areas. I often played with my friends at Kemps Farm - we had our "secret" "club" meetings with the permission of Mr Kemp and his son in the barns, and I attended my classmate's birthday parties in the farmhouse...
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    Coronation Day Celebrations 1953

    Great pictures on here. We need more now that we'll be celebrating Her Majesty's 60 years on the throne!. What will you be doing on that day? Anne
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    Hi Christie, Just received notification of your entry re Kent Stfeet Baths. I have some info on https://www.soyouwantto.co.uk/kentstbaths.html
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    Dancing to Romantic Bands/Orchestras

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    Dancing to Romantic Bands/Orchestras

    OUCH I never went to the Locarno for my dancing, or anywhere in Birmingham but can you count the outskirts for this forum !! The Gala Baths West Bromwich was my place.
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    Queen Elizabeth Hospital

    Hi all. I am not sure if I successfully posted my thoughts yesterday so if this is a repeat then apologies. I trained at the QE from 1980 - 1982 and worked there for 15 years. How time flies. I have lots of lovely memories. It was exciting times leaving home and moving into Nuffield House. Does...
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    Bournville Village

    Re: Cadbury's Bournville Re the Bourneville Story. What a very enjoyable film, Many happy memories around 1953 when I was a small child. Tranquil, rural Bourneville! Pleased to see a snippet of the Lido too 17mins 38 secs in. My diving coach worked there during this time, and I got all the...
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    Lost Lidos

    If of interest have added more info about Greswolde Lido on www.soyouwantto.co.uk/greswoldelido.html and https://www.lostlidos.co.uk/?p=293 It really looked a lovely pool and closed in 1966 - so it had a good 30 years. Opening ceremony celebrated with no expense spared and the pool itself of...
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    Lost Lidos

    Hi all, I've added info to my Malvern Park Lido page - https://www.soyouwantto.co.uk/malvernpark.html please continue on to comment if you have memories or anything to add. Also of course here ! One day I shall be turning my website into a book! To me, nothing beats taking one off the shelf...
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    Lost Lidos

    Trowbidge Lido. Thank you Master Brummie for the info. This will certainly be one on the list for my site https://www.soyouwantto.co.uk thankyou! Maybe you may like to comment on https://www.lostlidos.co.uk/cant-find-your-lido-then-please-comment-here/ to remind me! I'd really appreciate...
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    Lost Lidos

    Thank you so much for this info. May I take copy of this contribution to my LostLidos site or for you to go to https://www.soyouwantto.co.uk/greswoldelido.html and continue on to comment. This would be very much appreciated. Thanks Anne
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    Thank you so much for this response all the way from Adelaide - wow! (another sister and family live there!) My sister will be thrilled when I show her. He was such a fine gentleman. I wonder if anyone else remembers him. Anne
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    Lost Lidos

    Just arrived back from Solihull. My sister has got just what I want on The Greswolde Lido! plus extra info on Shirley Lido. I shall be entering the info on the website this week. I need to find out if the Lido was linked to the hotel, because as you see on an aerial view, I have laid the...