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Recent content by andy cashmore

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    Lucas employees - looking for info

    Does anyone remember eileen sullivan and her sisters dora,jessie,ivy and brothers dennis,dougie, raymond and kenny
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    Birmingham boxers?

    This is Andrew Cashmore, what is your full name my moms not sure with just Jim ?
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    Birmingham boxers?

    I am Andrew Cashmore my uncle was Dennis Sullivan my mother is still alive and remembers Ray Corbett a good friend of Dennis.
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    Dennis Sullivan?

    Hello I am Andrew Cashmore my mothers maiden name was Eileen Sullivan she was Dennis Sullivans and William (Billy)Hancox was her mothers brother, unfortunately Dennis is no longer alive and my mother is the only remaining member of the family still alive she is now 93 and still physically and...
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    Dennis Sullivan?

    Hello there, my name is Andrew Cashmore my mother is formerly Eileen Sullivan she was Dennis Sullivans elder sister. I looked after Dennis after his wife Terry (Theresa) died, sadly Dennis died in 2011 from prostate cancer he was aged 87. He had 3 brothers 4 sisters plus one adopted sister. As...