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    Winter snow 1967/1968 or 1968/1969

    I was expecting my first son in 1963 and the Christmas of 1962 was I had to be careful not to slip on the frozen pavements, then the pipes froze in our flat and i had to stay with my mom for a few days. I remember seeing kids sledging down the hill towards the frozen lake in Ward End Park. My...
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    Tabberer Percy Irvine street

    Maggie the blacked out names are of people living there but if they were born less than 100 years ago when the register was published and no registration of their death can be found they were blacked out. The 1939 register was updated up to 1991 which is why womens married names are often...
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    Tabberer Percy Irvine street

    Welcome to the forum, Henry Tabberer married Lily Lander in 1913. In 1939 they are living at 6/150 Irving Street. Henry Tabberer b 15th April 1886 above his name pencilled in Percival Lily b 22 july 1890. living with them 3 children Irene , William and Dorothy and three entries blacked out...
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    Searching Obituaries (out of country)

    Enoch Thomas Dix birth reg Birmingham June qtr 1915 mmn Robbins Enoch Thomas Dix, birthdate 7th april 1915, death 1998, sub district Stafford, register Newcastle under Lyme.
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    In The Garden 2021

    and quite a lot of it here but my son says very bad in Leicester. Many of my roses still flowering look so good against the white.
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    Frank King

    Archibald Whitehead married Lizzie Witherford in 1920 in 1939 living LongmoorRoad , Sutton Coldfield b 6th aug 1899 says status Married working at Fort Dunlop with him is Margaret D Whitehead b 1924 mother Witherford. The other children b Whitehead /Witherford are Leslie 1922, Lilian V 1923...
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    Golden Place of Opportunity

    What a lovely post John. I was brought up in a small bungalow in the staffs moorlands , born 1942 when my dad who was only 18 was a miner who hated every minute of it,often not going to work because of how much he hated it. He applied to Stoke police in 1947 but was not tall enough so came to...
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    TAYLOR. mystery family member, Help?

    Thank you Janice and MWS In all the years I have searched I have never been so excited, today I got the PDF for Frank. He was born on Nov 11th 1876 High street, East Ham. In my search for Joseph my husbands grandfather I never came across a sibling, I found Joseph in 1901 living with an aunt...
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    Coleshill Hall Institution Hospital

    Does his certificate have the cause of death and the name of the person who registered his death may be useful in solving the mystery. Bagnall is about 3 miles from Cheddleton so it is a mystery. Years ago Bagnall was an isolation hospital for smallpox patients.
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    Possible suicide - Update

    In 1911 the Albert above, is in Clifton road one of his sons is Francis who the probate was granted to and another is Sidney who he is living with in 1939. Also 2 stepchildren Jessie Francis Boardman and Alfred Donald Boardman Hope this helps also. Jessie Frances Boardman married twice Charles...
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    TAYLOR. mystery family member, Help?

    Thank you so very much, I was so fixated on Kent that I never thought to look elsewhere and obviously neither did the GRO. I can apply for certificate again now.
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    TAYLOR. mystery family member, Help?

    I have searched for my husbands Taylor family for years and almost completed his family tree. My father in law was Frank Taylor 1910 ,his father Joseph Taylor 1879, Josephs father Francis /Frank 1839 all Birmingham. Frank (1839) went to Johnstown Pennsylvania he was a wire drawer. Frank his wife...
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    Waterloo Street

    No, I only stayed a few years then went to work for a company in St Pauls Square.. At first I was an office junior and would take documents to clients in Waterloo street, a couple I remember were the American consul at No 14 and Jack Cotton & Co, property developers at No 39.
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    Coleshill Hall Institution Hospital

    I was born in Staffs Moorlands and have a records of births , marriages and deaths to help with my family tree searching. His death was Cheddleton /Leek. Cheddleton was only a village but Leek is the town. There must have been a good reason for him to have been moved over 60 miles to another...
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    Coleshill Hall Institution Hospital

    Lesley do you have any proof that he was moved to Coleshill Hall, the hospital in Marston Green, where he was a patient, was renamed Chelmsley Hospital, my son worked there in the 80s and I did volunteer work. Most of the patients who were in there as children stayed for the rest of their lives...