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Recent content by alana124

  1. alana124

    Bull Ring 1930s - 1950s

    I NEVER TIRE OF LOOKING AT THE OLD PHOTO S OF bRUM Its where I grew up and town was me and my friends stomping ground.The Bull Ring, The Art Gallery. Used to get the no 7 bus from nechells .Saturday was C and A day when we left school tights skirts and spiky heels Then to the pictures memories
  2. alana124

    The End Of An Era.. Carl's last radio show...today!

    Start a revolution BRING BACK CARL HE IS AN INSTITUTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. alana124

    Old street pics..

    What wonderful pictures the old cars the shop fronts all with character wish they were like that now
  4. alana124

    Wilson Stuart school

    My daughter wnt to That school in about 1968 she loved it there
  5. alana124

    Rooms In A House

    One of the things I remember is the cellar, where the coalman used to tip the cole or coke in through a top just under the window.Also the way the windows had sah cords and my mom used to sit on the window ledge upstairs to clean the outside
  6. alana124

    St Vincent's, Vauxhall Grove

    I did go to st vincents did my first holy communiun left when I was about 7 couldn t get on with the nuns
  7. alana124

    Bull Ring 1930s - 1950s

    I used to work by there it was called Bembows sold all sorts, Ladies ,mens, houshold great big store
  8. alana124

    Bull Ring 1930s - 1950s

    Why oh why didn t we just build around all these wonderful structures in the bullring imagine the character it would have now
  9. alana124

    Who did you have on your bedroom wall... ?

    Thats gene Kelly by the way
  10. alana124

    Who did you have on your bedroom wall... ?

    I loved all the musicals Betty hutton, Ginger Rogers,gebe Kelly to name but a few
  11. alana124

    Products That Have Faded Away

    Liquid parrafin I remember black jack ointment for boils etc.
  12. alana124

    Monthly magazine of carls

    ;) thank you very much i will try that
  13. alana124

    Monthly magazine of carls

  14. alana124

    Cost of football match

    i have just ordered tickets for west brom blues match away they are £40 each and you have to make your own way there notice i used blue ink
  15. alana124


    that sounds about right for years i have loved colour and sparkle now it all in fashion we should have more colour in our lives jean xx