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    Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974

    Hi Ken Thanks for your response. Where were you stationed. Don used to work with Harry Stone and Roy Kendrick. Roy is 90 now and I saw him a few months ago and he lives in Stratford Upon Avon. Are you still living in Birmingham. I shall be travelling down to Redditch between Xmas and New...
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    Woodhall S Aston Road in 1815

    So the Edward Woodhall you refer to, are his parents Thomas Woodhall b1755 ish and mother Sarah Silvester b1760ish. Must admit I'm struggling with research at the EW b1799 stage. There could be 2 Soloman's, one brother and one a son. I've got to start digging again. What have I started? Was...
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    Birmingham City Police 1839 - 1974

    Good Afternoon I have recently joined this forum and is fascinating. Thanks to all those responses. I'm conducting family history for my late father and was wondering if anyone knew him or his family. His name is Donald Woodhall and he joined BCP in September 1952 after attending Mill Meece...