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What Is a Flight of Stairs?​

The staircase is a set of stairs between two floors or both landings. A flight of stairs can be sometimes referred to as a staircase or stairway, simply stairway or stairs.

The flight is an ongoing set of steps that run between the floor and the landing or between landing and floor. A flight must have at least 3 risers, and not greater than fifteen risers the event that it is hazardous, particularly for older or young.

Stairs could be described as a the steps which are properly designed to connect different floors in a building. It can also be described as a set of risers, treads, newel posts, stringers balusters and handrails that are designed and constructed to provide quick and easy access to various floors.

It should be designed to carry loads similar to the ones that are used to design the floors. Stairs can be made from bricks, timber Stone, Steel or reinforced Cement Concrete.

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Types Of Stairs​

1. Straight Staircase​

Straight staircases comprise only one set of straight stairs, or sometimes two separate flights of stairs joined by the landing halfway up.

Landings are integrated between two staircases to join to make it more secure by providing a resting spot halfway up. Except the landing that is in between the two flight of stairs the treads are all rectangular and have the same dimensions.

2. Half-Turn Or U-Shaped Staircase​

A half-turn staircase, also known as a U-shape is a variation from the half-turn stairs. The Half-turn staircase consists of two straight flights and two 90deg degree turns. The steps in this type of staircase rotate 180 degrees from the bottom towards the highest point. It is often referred to as an incline Staircase.

3. Quarter-Turn Or L-Shaped Staircase​

A quarter-turn staircase consists of two straight steps joined by 90deg turns. The steps rotate at 90 degrees. The stairs that are shaped like Ls can be more visually attractive. The landing could be the opportunity to rest and take a break while ascending.

4. Spiral Staircase​

A spiral staircase a kind of stairwell with an open (hollow newel) with treads that go around the circular shaft or pillar. Spiral staircases are also called corkscrew, helical or Spiral staircase is also known as corkscrew, screw, helical or cockle staircase.

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5. Helical Staircase​

The helical stairway is a type of stairs that has the treads rotating from their bases in elliptical, circular, or polygonal. The treads on the helical staircase aren't placed on the top of the pillar.

6. Winder Staircase​

Winder stairs are an alternative of an L-shaped stairway with flat landings. The winder staircase is triangular or pie-shaped stairs at the corner of the transition.

The main advantage of winder staircases is that they require less space than many different types of stairs. They are quite common in older houses and are often used to create secondary staircases. They are, for instance, preferred for homes in which the main staircase is situated in the entryway.

7. Cantilever Staircase​

Cantilever stairs are designed to make the treads of the stairs appear to be floating on the air, without support. The stair stringer is attached to the other edge of the treads. It is able to be hidden or open. Cantilever stairs add interest and a sense of spaciousness to any space.

8. Split Staircase (Bifurcated)​

The split Stairs are also known as bifurcated stairs. They generally comprise an extensive set of stairs that starts at the bottom, and ending at a landing about halfway higher up the flight. The stairs are split at the landing point into two smaller sets of stairs that go opposite directions.

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