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Thread: Birmingham Nightclubs of the Past - Memories

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    They don't write them like that any more, Jennyann
    This above all: To thine own self be true (Hamlet)

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    margaret Guest


    i rembernthe barn solihull way first time wassssv special

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    Default Birmingham Nightclubs of the past

    What memories you bring back JennyAnn, great selection of songs from that era. After my marriage broke up in 1963/64 I started going to the Locarno with a girl I worked with, does anyone remember the Beachcomber bar? I think that was it's name inside the Locarno, it had fishing nets hanging from the ceiling and various other beach type decorations, we thought it was quite something at the time, now it seems quite naff.

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    Anyone remember The Top Rank Suite, Dale End? Used to go there regularly on a Tuesday evening even though I wasn't old enough Went a couple of times to Samanthas and a few times to the Locarno
    Gillian :angel:

    Searching for: Holland, Atkins - Aston area, also names of Tirell

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    I remember the Beachcomber I think it was originally the Tudor Club. I can remember seeing Slade at the Top Rank. Happy Days!

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    And hat about Mothers? Where Pink Floyd's Umma Gumma (?)was recorded?

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    Saxon,I think you will find Mothers was mentioned in an earlier post. I saw Steppin Wolf, Jethro Tull, John Peel etc. It was very dark and dingy but the groups were amazing. I remember it was up an ally next to a funeral parlor...........phew the memories.

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    Yes I saw the Moody Blues there when they were turnign from"Go now" into "Nights in White Satin". i used to go in the week mainly-I think I was thrown out three times for being underage -but having been watching Soul Britannia - that of course was the usual diet rather in the mid week rather than the rock groups at the weekend (which being at school I couldn't afford). When I was old enough to go (and consequently didn't) I thought I was your average teenager some guy said "Oh yes I remember you.We used to call you the Queen Mother as you were always there on the dance floor":Aah:

    I too went Top Ranking and of course the Rainbow Suite home of Ska.

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    Default who remembers these dance halls

    The Palais De dance.....Monument Road, Spring Hill
    Madame Amies...Chain Walk, Aston
    The Grand Casino....Corporation Street
    The Tower Ballroom....already mentioned
    The Palace Ballroom....Erdington
    Tony's Ballroom....Hurst Street
    The Masque Ballroom....Walford Road, Sparkbrook
    The Albert Hall....Six Ways, Aston
    The Botanical Gardens....Edgbaston
    The West End...Suffolk Street
    Edgbaston assembly Rooms...Hagley Road, Edgbaston
    The Grand Hotel..where the Grosvenor room was used
    The Locarno...already mentioned
    Birmingham Co-Operative halls..above most Co-Op shops
    The Lion Hall...Aston Road North
    The Sringfield Ballroom..Sparkhill
    Whitehouse Street..Aston
    Boot's The Chemist Dance Floor..above Colmore Row and Bull Street
    Fairbanks Barracks....Alum Rock Road
    Lea Hall...Wood Lane, Perry Barr
    Crystal Palace...Sutton Coldfield, already mentioned I think
    Dawson Hall....Small Heath
    The Dingle...Muntz Street
    The Savoy....New Street
    St Stephen's Church Hall....Newtown Row
    The Ritz Ballroom...Edmund Street
    Aston Road North....Aston

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    I remember some of them. Amies, I have written about. The Albert Hall, my mother used to "strut her stuff" in there and the Palais de Dance. Albert Hall is still there but not as a dance hall. The West End Ballroom was a good place to go. I once went all the way from Erdington to The Springfield Dance Hall in Sparkhill because I had a free entrance ticket! The Palace Ballroom in Erdington I never went to only the Carlton that became Mother's later on. The Tower Ballroom, Locarno as well.

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    Hi Loisand
    Just Been Reading Your Thread On Pubs, Clubs And
    Dance Halls
    I Remember Alot Of Them Myself ,
    And I Have Done Gone To Quite Alot Of Them
    But I Was Very Surprised You Mentioned The Old
    Palais De Dance Hall , Not Many People Alive Have Heard Of It
    When They Used To Have The Big Bands Playing Them
    Do You Remember Edmond De Ross The Band Leader
    With Is Band Playing There
    That Place Later Became Bulpitts Storage Warehouse
    Up Until The Late Sixties , Then They Demolished It
    And Moved It Back To Camden St
    But Also I Was Going To Say
    The Old Tower Of Ballroom With Its Palm Tree,s
    Was A Nice Place In Time Gone Bye ,
    But By The Time The Seventy,s Came It
    Became A Cattle Market , Woman Was Flauting Themselves At Men
    To Pick Up And Dance With
    Did You Ever Go To The Old Custard House In
    Blake Lane , Bordesly Green , ? .

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    My old local, The Custard House.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenneth Wanstall View Post
    I don't know whether you'd call "Mothers" in Erdington High Street a nightclub. I used to go there in the 1960s. John Peel would DJ and introduce groups like Canned Heat, the original Fleetwood Mac and Tyranasaurus Rex.

    The club was above some shops and would get so packed the condensation poured down the matt black walls.

    I can also remember my Mom telling me off for going to a Blues club above the pub at the corner of Station Street and Hill Street. I never thought to ask her how she knew it was frequented by "Ladies of the Night" (I think the term my mother actually used was "Old Tails").
    That might have been The Bermuda Club. Eddie Fewtrells's first drinking club - knock three times and ask for Joe!!!

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    Default Bermuda Club

    Your right Charlie - The Fewtrell's Bermuda Club was exactly like that when I used to go there. It was in Navigation Street and the frontage was a tailor's shop I think - all very hush hush. You used to have to knock and wait!! There were always rumours that it was going to be raided - don't know if it was but I was never there if it did!


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    Quote Originally Posted by judy39 View Post
    Your right Charlie - The Fewtrell's Bermuda Club was exactly like that when I used to go there. It was in Navigation Street and the frontage was a tailor's shop I think - all very hush hush. You used to have to knock and wait!! There were always rumours that it was going to be raided - don't know if it was but I was never there if it did!

    Youngsters today eh? Don't know how to enjoy themselves!!!
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